Saunders and Kennedy King of the Hill

Tommy Kennedy, Rocky McElroy and Justin Hall

Capone's Billiards lounge in Spring Hill, Fl was the latest venue to host the KF Cue Tour.

The Amateur event kicked off on Saturday with 40 players showing up. Georges Saunders was the man on the day to beat as he would make his way to the hotseat with wins over Rick Gatta, Ed Griffin, Lisa Parsons, Derek Greenwood, Josh Lewis and then a close hotseat win over Dan Dennis 7-6. Dan Dennis had made his way to the final with wins over Jeremy Aurswald, Jason Richko, Bill Delisle and Joe Scarborough.

Derek Greenwood was making a charge on the one loss side after taking a loss to George Saunders, Greenwood would record wins over Louis Altes, Bill Dunsmore, Joe Scarborough, and Josh Lewis before taking his second Loss of the event to Dan Dennis to finish 3rd. Dan Dennis would now have his rematch with Saunders.

This final would prove to be a great one with both players playing great pool and taking the rematch all the way to the last game, with the last game tied at 8-8 there was some great safety exchanges from both players but Saunders would eventually prevail and remain undefeated to take his first KF Cue Tour Title.


1st, George Saunders $550
2nd, Dan Dennis $400
3rd, Derek Greenwood $300
4th, Josh Lewis $200
5th/6th Joe Scarborough, Louie Smith $100
7th/8th, Bill Dunsmore, Bill Delisle $75
9th/12th Coot Highsmith, Bill Stoll, Louis Altes, Wesley White $50
Top Lady, Bethann Rynd. $20, and a free entry.

Saturdays $1000 added event drew a small but high quality field with the talents of Tommy Kennedy, Mike Davis, Justin Hall, Richie Richeson and Louis Altes to mention a few.

Justin Hall kicked off his day with a tight 7-6 win over Dan Dennis and followed it up with wins over Prescott Buckwold 7-4, Richie Richeson 7-3, Mike Davis 7-5 to get to the hotseat match where he would face Louis Altes. Altes made his way to the final with wins over Allen Auman 7-5, Bethann Rynd 7-0, Derek Greenwood 7-5, Wesley White 7-0 for a shot at Hall in the winner's side final. Hall would come out on top to take the hotseat with a 7-4 win over Altes.

While all this was going on Tommy Kennedy who took a 2nd round loss to Mike Davis would go on a mission on the one loss side with wins over Elvis Rodriguez 6-3, Derek Greenwood 6-0, Josh Lewis 6-2, and a strong revenge win over Mike Davis 6-1, Richie Richeson 6-3 and then a close 6-5 win over Louis Altes to leave him in 3rd for the 2nd event in a row.

The final was another classic with both players playing very strong pool. This final would go all the way with both players making it to 6 games in the single race to 7. Hall would break the balls dry and Kennedy would take advantage by making the one ball and then playing a great shot on the two ball to set up the winning 3-9 combination to take his 2nd event of the season and move him into no1 position on the open ranking list.


1st, Tommy Kennedy $500
2nd, Justin Hall $400
3rd, Louis Altes $300
4th, Richie Richeson $200
5th/6th, Wesley White, Mike Davis $100

We would like to thank Rocky McElroy, Capone's Billiards lounge owner and their entire staff for hosting another great event in one of Florida's premier pool halls. Many thanks for the continued support of all our sponsors, who can be viewed at

The KF Cue Tour will be at Corner Pockets in Orlando, Fl for our next event of the season on the 30th-31st of January for more info check out our website.