Troisi & Kennedy lay down the Hammer

Tommy Kennedy, Hammerheads Owner Nora Nelson and Jerry Troisi

Hammerheads Billiards Lounge in Holiday, FL, was the latest venue to host the KF Cue Tour. 38 players would show up Saturday for the $1000 Added event. Jerry Troisi was looking very strong on the day making his way to the hotseat match with wins over George Saunders 7-5, Bill Delisle 7-3, Floyd Reasons 7-3 and then a hard fought win over Wesley White 7-6 to make it to the hotseat match. Troisi would have to play Glen Olson who also was looking good on the day with strong wins over Dave Adams 7-1, Jay Beckingham 7-4, Bill Dunsmore 7-4, Jose Del Rio 7-4 to put him in the winner's side final to Face Troisi. This match looked like it would go to the wire with both players playing great pool but Troisi had other ideas and came out a 7-4 winner to take the hotseat.

The one loss side would see Strokers pool room owner Jose Del Rio trying to make his way back after taking a 7-4 loss to Olson, Del Rio would go on to beat Floyd Reasons 5-4 and then Wesley White 5-2 to set up a semi final rematch with Olson. This match would go right to the wire with Olson taking it 5-4 to leave Del Rio in a respectable 3rd position. Olson would now have his rematch with Troisi. Olson was slow out of the gates and Troisi made him pay leading this match all the way to come out a 8-5 winner and take his 2nd KF title of the season.


1st, Jerry Troisi $550
2nd, Glen Olson $400
3rd, Jose Del Rio $300
4th, Wesley White $200
5th-6th, Floyd Reasons, Jason Richko $130
7th-8th, George Saunders, Jimmy B Dean $80
9th-12th, Lincoln Seiffert, Bill Delisle, Eddie Wheat, Bill Dunsmore $60

Sunday would see all the big guns arrive for the $1000 Added open event. Some of notable names in attendance were Tommy Kennedy, Mike Davis, Justin Hall, Louis Altese and Tony Crosby to mention a few.

The day kicked off with Tommy Kennedy and Mike Davis both proving that they are the men to beat on tour as they made there way to the hotseat match for the 2nd event in a row. Kennedy's route to the finals was achieved with wins over Han Berber 7-2, Stephanie Mitchell 7-0, Alex Pemberton 7-1, and Justin Hall 7-5 to set up the match with Davis. Davis made his way there with wins over Jerry Troisi 7-3, Glen Olson 7-5, Jose Del Rio 7-2 and then a 7-5 win over Joe Scarborough. Davis would go on to win this match with a hard fought 7-4 win. On the one loss side Josh Degler and Tony Crosby were on a collision course both players having lost there first matches on the day would plow their way through the one loss side winning 7 matches to face each other for a shot at Kennedy to get into the final. Degler was looking like he was going to Cruise through this one as he would lead 3-0 and 5-2, Crosby would make a match of it tying the match at 5-5 and after navigating his way through a tough rack and pocketing the 9 only for the cue ball to make its way to the opposite end of the table and drop in the hole to hand Degler the match and leave him in 4th spot. Kennedy only had one thing in mind and that was getting back to the final to face Davis as he would take out Degler 6-3 to set up a repeat final from the last event.

Davis was looking strong early in this match but Kennedy would prove why he is probably playing some of the most consistent pool of his career as he would grind out a 9-7 win to take back to back wins on the KF tour and over Mike Davis.


1st Tommy Kennedy $600
2nd, Mike Davis $400
3rd, Josh Degler $300
4th, Tony Crosby $240
5th-6th, Joe Scarborough, Justin Hall $140

The tour would like to thank Hammerheads Billiards lounge and all it sponsors for another great event.

We will be at Corner Pocket Billiards in Orlando for our next event on 8th-9th May, 2010 hope to see you all there visit for more info and an updated schedule.