Scarborough & Davis Take Down Tampa

Mike Davis

Stroker's Tampa Fl was the host location for the latest Poison tour event 12/4/10 with 36 players showing up for the $1000 Added amateur event.

Joe Scarborough was looking very strong in the event as he fought his way through to the finals with hard fought wins over Mark Wathen 7-6, Hall Schaeffer 7-5, Jose Del Rio 7-3, Jarred Schlauch 7-3 and then a 7-1 win over Rick Gatta to make it to the winners side final where he would face the case maker Dan Whitten. Whitten made his way to the winner's side with solid wins over Jeremy Aurswald 7-5, Walter Blacker 7-2, Jerry Troisi 7-1, Jon Curtis 7-2 and then Todd Anderson 7-4 to set up the hotseat match. Scarborough would prove to be to strong as he would come out on top a 7-3 winner. On the one loss side Jim Sandaler was taking names after a 7-6 loss to Rick Gatta, Sandaler would win 5 straight before running into Todd Anderson and taking a 5-4 loss to leave Sandaler in 4th. Anderson would then avenge his loss to Whitten with a 5-3 win to put himself in the final.

The final would see Scarborough playing great all round pool to take down Anderson 7-2 in the final.

1st, Joe Scarborough $650
2nd, Todd Anderson $400
3rd, Dan Whitten $300
4th, Jim Sandaler $200
5th-6th, Jarred Schlauch, Rick Gatta $125
7th-8th, Lincoln Seiffert, Jerry Troisi $100

The $1000 added open event would draw a small but strong 25 man field, with the likes of Mike Davis, Richey Richeson, Butch Croft, James Roberts and Mark Coats to mention a few. Mike Davis would once again prove to be the man to beat as he made his way through to the hotseat with wins over Jessica Barnes 7-1, James Roberts 7-6, Dan Whitten 7-1 and then a hard fought 7-6 win over Butch Croft 7-6 to take the hotseat. The one loss side would see Tony Crosby make a charge after a 1st round loss to Richey Richeson, Crosby would go onto defeat Nick Prouty, Lee Holland, Richie Richeson, Dan Whitten and James Roberts before running into Butch Croft who would stop his run with a strong 7-3 win to leave Crosby in 3rd and set up a final rematch with Davis.

The final would be another chance for Croft to try and gain his first title on tour his only problem was that Davis had been playing solid pool all day and the final would be no different with Davis coming out on top with a 7-3 win to take his 3rd title of the season and leave Croft still seeking his 1st.

The tour would Like to thank Stroker's Tampa and their staff, our next event will be at Good Time Billiards Miami Fl, 12,11,10 for more info and the tour schedule visit also check out the promo video for Good Time Billiards. We look forward to seeing you there.

1st Mike Davis $600
2nd, Butch Croft $400
3rd, Tony Crosby $300
4th, James Roberts $200
5th-6th Joey Ryan, Dan Whitten $100