Schmidt stuns “The Tarantula” at Breaker’s 9 Ball

John Schmidt

Thirty players contended this past Sunday for the $1600 prize fund held at Breaker's Billiards in Mobile, AL. This venue was held on 3 1/2 by 7 Valley bar tables with red circle cue balls. Although it was just a $15 entry fee, the prize money was great!

John Schmidt cruised all the way to the hot seat match, while Pablo Matheu was scoring some solid wins, as well. The format was loser breaks, race to seven. With both players in stroke, spectators got to witness an excellent match. However, Schmidt took the hot seat with a 7-5 win. The Tarantula went to the loser's side to give Earl Blanchard a rematch to a 7-2 earlier loss. This time, however, the match went double hill, but Earl missed a straight in 2-9 combo just to leave a 2-9 billiard shot for Matheu to take the win and setup a rematch with Schmidt.

This time the match was not even close. John was in rare form, getting many "rolls", but he played great, nonetheless. He defeated Matheu 7-1 to win the tournament undefeated and collect the $790 top prize. Not bad for a day's work uh!

Complete Payouts:
1st John Schmidt $790
2nd Pablo Matheu $435
3rd Earl Blanchard $205
4th Bryan Spriggs $85
5th/6th John Betroce, Will Hagerson $40

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe