The ‘Canadian Ice’ freezes ‘The Tarantula’ at Starcade’s Annuall Fall 9 Ball

Yet another world-class, as far as tournaments held in billiard halls is concerned, was held this past weekend at Starcade Billiards in Ft Walton Beach, Florida, known as the Emerald Coast to many. As usual Robyn Workman and partner, Peggy, and staff did a phenomenal job at running this 9 ball event, with even match times posted! A total of 85 players gathered to compete for the $1800 added events. In the open event 73 players competed for the $1800 top prize. In the women's division, 12 women played for the top prize award.

Open Event:
The "Canadian Ice', Brian Butler, defeated 'The Tarantula', Pablo Matheu by a score of 12-9 in a finals single race format. On the way to the finals Pablo had wins over Denny Fox, Josh Hilliard and Brandon Shirah. Brian defeated John Schmidt, the previous champion, in the first round, and also had wins over Scotty Townsend, and Josh Hilliard. However, Josh Hilliard had a impressive win of 9-3 over Butler in the semifinals of the winners side, which gave him a spot in the hot seat match against Matheu.

The Tarantula was down 7-6 in the race to nine format, double elimination, when Josh missed the 5 ball and Pablo didn't let him shoot again. Pablo ran out that game and broke and ran out the next two to finish the set 9-7 and secure a finals match for the championship.

The Canadian Ice then disposed of Scotty Townsend, 9-7, on the one-loss side to setup a rematch with Hilliard. This time Butler came out on top 9-7, leaving Josh with a 3rd place finish.

The finals between Matheu and Butler went back and forth for the first twelve games, until Brian broke the lead to 11-7. Matheu tried to come back but loss the finals 12-9.

Women's Event:
Delores Glimp was the undefeated player on the winner's side. Heather Rose, from the one loss side, had hill-to-hill, 7-6, wins over Autumn Duncar and Roni Layton, earning her a spot in the finals match. Heather Rose was crowned the champion defeating Delores Glimp, 9-4, in the finals single race format.

Open Event:
1st Brian Butler $1800
2nd Pablo Matheu $950
3rd Josh Hilliard $600
4th Scotty Townsend $400
5th Denny Fox $250
5th John Amiss $250
7th Brandon Shirah $150
7th Rick Howard $150
9th Penny Flammia $100
9th Mitch Yarbrough $100
9th Chuck Foster $100
9th John Schmidt $100
13th Billy Amoroso $50
13th Joey Purswell $50
13th Ronnie Woodham $50
13th Jimmy Bennett $50

Women's Event:
1st Heather Rose
2nd Delores Glimp
3rd Roni Layton
4th Autumn Duncar