Schulman tearing through New York B-Side

Nick Schulman

As the Fury World Summit of Pool moves into Saturday play, the winners side is down to eight players.

Matches on the winners side slated for Saturday are Johnny Archer vs Danny Basavich, Charlie Williams vs Santos Sambajon, Rodney Morris vs Niels Feijen and Tony Robles vs Jose Parica. The Archer/Basavich looks to be especially good. Both players are coming off dominating wins. Archer trailed Mike Davis 4-2 before he won 9 straight games for the 11-4 win, while Basavich was tied 5-5 against Jimmy Wetch and won six straight for the 11-5 win.

On the one-loss side, Mika Immonen will face Ronnie Wiseman, Mike Davis will play Nick Schulman and Max Eberle will play Edwin Montal. Schulman has come on strong since losing his first match of the tournament 11-3 to Steve Lipsky. He has won five straight matches and scored notable wins over George San Souci and Jimmy Wetch.

Brackets are online and all Friday's results are updated. For those fans unable to make it to New York, for the first time ever, matches from a major event will be broadcast on the internet. Check out for Pay Per View details. Lines on select matches will be posted at

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe