Delicious edges Eberle in New York

Danny Basavich

Day one is complete at the Fury World Summit of Pool being held at Amsterdam Billiards in New York. All completed matches have been on the winners side of the board and day one featured very few upsets.

One of the better matches of the day saw Kid Delicious Danny Basavich taking on 'Miracle' Max Eberle. The match started on a bright note for Basavich as he won the lag and then snapped the 9-ball in on his first break. Basavich led early by as many as three games, but Eberle came back towards the end of the match and led 9-6. Eberle would not be able to close Basavich out though, as Basavich won 11-10. Basavich will face Jimmy Wetch on Friday.

Another great match saw Korean Young-Hwa Jeong facing Jarrod Clowery. Clowery got the best of Jeong last month at the US Open and Jeong came out early looking for revenge this time. Jeong raced to a 4-0 lead and looked very calm and collected at the table. Clowery did not panic and smoothly made his way back into the match. By the end of the match, it was Jeong looking flustered and upset while Clowery pocketed the 9-ball for the 11-10 win. Clowery will take on Mike Davis on Friday.

In one upset of the day, young Jerry Tarancola scored an 11-10 win over Shawn Putnam. Terancola will face Bill Ferguson on Friday.

Brackets are online and all Thursday's results are updated. For those fans unable to make it to New York, for the first time ever, matches from a major event will be broadcast on the internet. Check out for Pay Per View details. Lines on select matches will be posted at

Photo courtesy of Mark Whiteside