Scorekeeper 2.0 Innovates Scorekeeping

Scorekeeper 2.0 gives TAP Pool Players, Captains & Directors the ability to track and reconcile “Match” data via mobile device with direct Pool-net integration. This app allows score keepers to automatically reconcile games in real time using a secure live sharing system where scorekeeper’s devices can be connected during a match, making the entire process more efficient. Players’ time outs, match data, games & full matches are all tracked on a unique scoreboard with a built in timing system featuring Timeout, Shot Clock and Shot Timer. 
This app streamlines TAPs scorekeeping process and eliminates the need for paper score sheets, pens & clipboards. It automatically tabulates and reconciles match data and at the same time makes unprecedented breakthroughs in efficiency for players, captains and league directors. For first time, Scorekeeper 2.0 allows for the importation of match data directly into the Pool-net handicapping system. This app saves thousands of courier hours spent picking up and dropping off score sheets to host venues, paper from e mailed sheets being printed to fully reconcile, data entry and the untold thousands of gallons of gasoline that are consumed to complete the old scorekeeping process across the Nation. 
“The time is right to provide a mobile solution that makes pool current, relevant and attractive to the upcoming generation.” – Ian Brock - Product Development Manager, Runout Apps 
“2.0 makes the scorekeeping process paperless, increases efficiency across the board, reduces overhead costs for league owners and minimizes the environmental impact associated the entire process. We know that this is a game changer for our industry.” – Joshua Junqueira – Chief Technology Officer, Runout Apps 
“This is perfect timing for the release of the App as it gives TAPs Pool-net, which is currently the state of the art billiard handicapping system, a clear advantage over the competition.” Nikki Brock – Operations Manager, Runout Apps 
Runout Apps Scorekeeper 2.0 is available for $.99 in the Apple App Store and will be available in the Android Marketplace by Feb 15th 2014
Please visit for more information, videos and screenshots of the App.