Scott Frost Champ at Hollywood Jack Memorial One-Pocket Tournament

Scott Frost

The Hollywood Jack Memorial One-Pocket Tournament took place over the 4th of July weekend at Hollywood Billiards in none other than Hollywood, California.  Tournament Director Jay Helfert kept the event running smooth as always with a $30 entry mini-tournament on Friday night, July 4th; and the main event beginning on Saturday.

The $500 added single elimination mini event participants raced to two (single elimination) and drew a total field of thirty-two players.  The end result for this tournament was:  1st Jose Parica $480; 2nd Sylver Ochoa $240; 3rd/4th Rafael Martinez and Josh Ulrich $120; and 5th-8th place going to Juan Rios, Oscar Dominguez, Wayne Pullen, and Danny Petralba $60.  The finals saw Parica end Ochoa's night 2-1 for the victory.

On Saturday, the main event kicked off with forty-four players at a mere $75 entry fee, double elimination, races to three.  Top winners from Friday came back with a vengeance and ultimately dominated the field with the exception of ultimate champ Arizona's Scott Frost which seemed to save his best work for the weekend – he took the final bow over Sylver Ochoa 4-1 in the end winning the $1600 prize.  Ochoa settled for second place $900; third went to Jose Parica $600; 4th Richard Grenier $440; 5th/6th Rafael Martinez and Wayne Pullen $320; 7th-8th Danny Petralba and Phil Misson $220; and 9th-12th John Henderson, Gus Briseno, Jim Lewis, and Greg Rosenheck $120.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe