Sergio Delgadillo wins at Edgie’s

Sergio Delgadillo

The 2008 USBA Tour continued with a "B" player tournament held at Edgie's Billiards in Milpitas, CA on October 10-12, 2008. Altogether, there were 26 players competing for a first place prize of $ 1,800.00 from a prize fund of $ 7,300.00, thanks to our sponsors. Six beautiful Chevillotte tables were covered with Gorina Granito M cloth thanks to Mueller Products.

There were 3 Delgadillo brothers in the tournament and all 3 of them qualified for the finals. Ironically, based on their preliminary performances, they all ended up in the same flight in the finals.

Format: 2 flights of 9 and 1 flight of 8, 20 point preliminaries. The top 4 players from each flight advanced to the finals. Based on players' performances in the prelims, they were seeded into 2 flights of 6 for the finals.

Finals: 2 Flights of 6 Players. Round Robin. 25 points.

The winner of each flight in the finals would then play each other, one match to 30 points, winner take all, to decide who comes in first place and who comes in 2nd place. The two 2nd place finishers of each flight in the finals would then play each other to determine who comes in 3rd place and who comes in 4th place, and so on.

Preliminary results:
Flight A     Record     Total Points     Pts Against
Alberto Ramirez     6-1     132     105
Alfredo Moreno         5-2     132     103
Jesus Munoz         4-3     132     107
Raye Raskin         4-3     122     123

Flight B     Record     Total Points     Pts Against
Ricardo Carranco         7-1     158     88
Jose Lizarraga             5-3     141     123
Gilberto Delgadillo     4-4     138     121
Rafael Figueroa         4-4     135     152

Flight C     Record     Total Points     Pts Against
Juan Delgadillo     6-2     153     128
Rigoberto Cuevas     5-3     145     131
Sergio Delgadillo     5-3     144     129
Mark Hansen         4-4     131     129

After the preliminary rounds, the players who advanced to the finals were seeded into 2 flights for the finals, flights D and E, based on their win-loss record and total points scored in the preliminaries. They were seeded as follows:

Player     Record     Total Points     Pts Against
Ricardo Carranco     7-1     158     88
Alberto Ramirez     6-1     132     105
Juan Delgadillo     6-2     153     128
Alfredo Moreno         5-2     132     103
Rigoberto Cuevas     5-3     145     131
Sergio Delgadillo     5-3     144     129
Jose Lizarraga         5-3     141     123
Jesus Munoz         4-3     132     107
Raye Raskin         4-3     122     123
Gilberto Delgadillo 4-4     138     121
Rafael Figueroa     4-4     135     152
Mark Hansen         4-4     131     129

The winners of each flight, Mark Hansen and Sergio Delgadillo then played one final match to 30 points to determine the Champion. Jim Shovak refereed the match. Sergio took the early lead, but Mark Hanson, who played a very strong finals averaging over .900, came back strong and took the lead. Mark looked very confident and every time Sergio scored a point, Mark would score 2 more. Sergio had some trouble scoring somewhere around 10 points and Mark continued scoring, keeping his average somewhere around .850 or so at around 20 points into the game.

In the home stretch, Mark Hansen was leading 22-18 and looked strong. It was about that time that Mark began to miss some very close shots. Altogether, there were about 3 shots of his that missed by a whisker. Referee Jim Shovak got right on top of those shots and the crowd gasped each time that the referee ruled that the shots missed. Perhaps that may have been the difference. Sergio found his stroke and starting scoring. Mark did not give up, however, and the score was 27-26 in Sergio's favor. Sergio then scored 2 more points and barely missed his out shot, and the crowd once again gasped. Sergio is a hometown favorite, and the crowd was obviously rooting for him. Mark had one last chance but missed. Sergio scored the winning point and the crowd went wild!

Final Rankings:
Sergio Delgadillo     $ 1,800.00
Mark Hansen      $ 1,400.00
Rafael Figueroa  $ 1,100.00
Ricardo Carranco $ 900.00
Rigoberto Cuevas $ 700.00
Jose Lizarraga     $ 500.00
Alfredo Moreno     $ 400.00
Alberto Ramirez $ 300.00
Juan Delgadillo $ 50.00
Raye Raskin     $ 50.00
Gilberto Delgadillo $ 50.00
Jesus Munoz $ 50.00

We would like to thank the following:

Tony and Susie Bangoy, the owners of Edgie's for holding the tournament, for adding money to the prize fund, for their wonderful hospitality, for providing breakfast foods for the players each day of the tournament (how great is that!), for keeping the tables and balls clean, and for being all-around nice people. What a pleasure it was to meet these people!!!

Thanks also to Antonio Rivera for helping to run the event as well as organizing it. We need more people like you, Antonio. If we get them, then the USBA will quadruple in size.

Our sponsors: Mueller Products/Gorina, David Levine, Bob Jewett, Jim Shovak, Robert Byrne and Andrew Janquitto.

Thanks to all!

The 2008 USBA Tour continues in just 2 ½ weeks at Doral Billiards in Miami, FL for an International Open event, featuring a first place prize of $ 4,500.00 based on 42 players. Contact Doral Billiards to participate: 305-592-8486. October 31-November 2, 2008.