Shane shifts gear to take TAR 37 2-1

12th TAR win for the South Dakota kid

After another week-end of great play at The Action Report Studio in Las Vegas, Shane Van Boening won his 12th TAR match in 16 participations.

His match-up against Corey Deuel was a rematch of TAR's very first Action Challenge, back in september 2007.

Final scores:

One-Pocket: Deuel 8-7 Van Boening

8-Ball: Deuel 24-30 Van Boening

9-Ball: Deuel 18-30 Van Boening

Corey led the entire One-pocket match, which he could have won by a larger margin had he not let Shane come back in a few games he was leading by 4 or 5 balls. After a bad miss to take the match 8-6, he had another opportunity when both players were on the hill and didn't let it slip away.

After a tough first day for Shane, it was all about his break and shooting skills in the 8-Ball and 9-Ball matches. With 53% and 50% of break-and-runs respectively, he dominated day two and three as the final scores show. Both days, he built a huge gap early in the match and was well ahead when it was time for the mid-session break.
Corey's mastery at pattern-racking and soft-breaking kept things interesting as he crawled back his way, but fell short both times as Shane shifted gears to get to the 30 mark.

This was Shane Van Boening's fifth win this year in as many TAR matches he played. Last year, he recorded three losses out of three matches! Check out all the results here.

2013 is definitely a better year for the recently crowned US Open 9-Ball Champion 2013. No doubt the "South Dakota Kid" will want to finish this great year on a high next month, by winning the twentieth Mosconi Cup with Team USA. Let's not forget he was the one who made the last 9-Ball to win it in 2009, the last American victory to date in the event...

This match was sponsored by Arizona Web Kings, the company who recently rebuilt the TAR website