Shane Van Boening Seizes Latest Midwest 9-Ball Tour Win

Shane Van Boening

The $2200 added First Annual Gaylord Robinson Memorial was hosted by the Midwest 9-Ball Tour July 19th-20th at Side Pockets in Papillion, Nebraska with top players in tow including Shane Van Boening, Shane McMinn, and Chad Vilmont to name a few.

This weekend's open brought in a total of forty-nine players that eventually shrunk down to just three players. In the hot-seat round, Chad Vilmont defeated Shane McMinn handily 9-3, sending McMinn to fend for himself on the one-loss side. Unfortunately for McMinn, he was swimming in treacherous waters as his eventual opponent in the semi-final round ended up being none other than Shane Van Boening who would end McMinn's tournament life by a set score of 9-3.

Vilmont waited patiently for Van Boening to make it his way through the ‘B' side of the chart. It was obvious in the beginning of the first set that Vilmont was not going to lay down for his well known opponent. With the score tied at 4-4 to start out the set, it was not unimagined that the first set would be such a tight race. Van Boening eeked by Vilmont with a double-hill win (9-8) forcing a second set which he ultimately passed Vilmont in a similar fashion and a duplicate score of 9-8.

On the flip side, the $300 added ladies event drew a smaller than usual group to Side Pockets, but the women did not disappoint. The hot-seat match saw eventual winner Shane Van Boening's mother, Timi Bloomberg, nip Jill Nagel 7-1 to sit still for a few. In the semi-finals, Jessica Frideres held off Nagel 7-4 to have her chance at Bloomberg and she took full advantage of that opportunity. The first set of the finals ended 7-2 Frideres; and although the second set was tighter, Frideres pulled out the double-hill victory over Bloomberg.

To be a part of all of the action, stop in and see Danny and Evelyn Dysart at the next event scheduled for August 2nd-3rd at Magoos in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The event to be held is the Fifth Annual Oklahoma State 8-Ball Championship – it is a $2000 added open and ladies bar table event with an entry of $60 for the open and $50 for the women's event (entry includes green fees, no quarters necessary). For more information, check out

Results (open):
1st $1000 Shane Van Boening
2nd $600 Chad Vilmont
3rd $480 Shane McMinn
4th $300 James Baraks
5th/6th $150 Dustin Gunia/Ryan Cobb
7th/8th $100 Jarrod Frideres/Kurt Sabin
9th-12th $75 Paul Baker/Rob Montgomery/Shawn Cepurniecks/Austin Sissel

Results (women):
1st $280 Jessica Frideres
2nd $180 Timi Bloomberg