Sharivari Reaches 200,000 Subscribers

Andre “Sharivari” Schickling

It’s been a year since the Supr Charged Agency welcomed André “Sharivari/Shari” Schickling to our dynamic and talented team of ambassadors. As we cross this milestone, the Supr Charged Agency looks back on why we chose Shari, taking this opportunity to make a special announcement. Shari has been busy!

Sharivari is a pool player and coach located in Germany. He offers private and in-person lessons, but Sharivari’s virtual reach is as impressive as his teaching and playing ability. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, Discord, or his website (, Sharivari serves up a multimedia rich, interactive information bonanza—he’s even launched an official Sharivari sportswear jersey. With a gobsmacking twenty-six MILLION views on his YouTube channel, Sharivari is making his mark.

In 2020, “Pool’s Power 15” (an annual list of the top current influencers in the game of professional pool) ranked Sharivari the eleventh most influential player in the pool world today ( High and well-earned praise, as Sharivari was named alongside big names and organizations like Matchroom Multi Sport/Emily Frazer, AzBilliards, Florian Kohler, the Predator Group, and APA Leagues (the top five).

Ask Sharivari about himself and you’ll hear a humble and relatable story:

When I was a young kid, playing pool was always something special for me. I went to the local pool hall with my Dad and we played for hours. Unfortunately, while getting older, I lost the fascination for the game a bit and played only every couple of months – until it became even only once a year. I regret that every day, because if you want to become really successful in something, you have to train hard from an early age.

Everything changed at the age of twenty-three when I heard that there are actually clubs where you can play with other players than your Dad. I got curious and decided to join. At that time, I was more than a rookie. I only knew the game of [eight]-Ball and had heard a little bit about stop, follow and draw shots. Turns out joining that club was the best decision I ever made. From that day on, pool got me again and never let go.

I started to learn more and more about the game and realized how complex and beautiful it really is. It’s so much more than just hitting balls and watching them flying all over the table. Eight years have elapsed since then. I am a successful pool teacher now and communicate the knowledge about pool in the videos on my successful YouTube channel and also to over a hundred personal students. (

Over the course of eight years, Sharivari transformed from fledging player to expert: “I learned more and more about the game and realized how complex and beautiful it really is. I was digging every piece of information. Pool became my passion and the only thing I could think of. You could almost say it’s a love story. The pool hall was my living room. When I wasn’t there, I was either watching pool videos, reading books or just thinking about the game”.
On September 30, 2020, Sharivari told Ryan Less of “My biggest passion became my job. I always enjoyed teaching pool. Producing videos is one of my hobbies since I was thirteen. And of course, I love playing pool. I just feel so lucky that I can do this for a living and don’t want to do anything else.”

Sharivari went on to say, “The Covid-19 lockdown was a real crisis for me. Recording new videos was almost impossible…”. Despite the challenges, Sharivari has persevered—and thrived—achieving Supr Charged success! It is our sincere and greatest pleasure to announce Sharivari has hit 200,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel!

Congratulations, Sharivari! Onward and upward—to the next pinnacle and beyond!