Sharon Weis wins N.E. Women’s Tour Qualifier

The McDermott New England Women's Tour held a WPBA Qualifier November 19-20, 2005 at Bay State Billiards 231 Washington St., Salem, MA.

The Hotseat match was Ellen Van Buren vs. Sherry Pouncey. Van Buren, who is currently courting sponsorship from The Villages ( Ellen Van Buren won the match 7-2.

The Final match came down to Sharon Weis and Ellen Van Buren. The final matches were being filmed by Salem, MA local public television, which may have added extra stress to the players. If Weis felt any extra stress she did a fantastic job of performing through it and won the first set 7-0. The tournament is a true double elimination and Van Buren was undefeated so Weis had to play her in a second set. Weis won the second set 7-3 to win the tournament.

Sharon Weis will be playing March 8-12, 2006 in the Great Lakes Classic at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana. Congratulations Sharon!!!

Final Results:
1st place- Sharon Weis
2nd place- Ellen Van Buren
3rd place- Sherry Pouncey
4th place- Wendy Snow

Throughout the calendar year, players acrue points for every qualifier they play in, on the McDermott Cue N.E.Women's Tour. The player with the most points at the end of the year wins "PLAYER OF THE YEAR". The "PLAYER OF THE YEAR" is invited to play in every WPBA pro event for the following year. This years "PLAYER OF THE YEAR" is: MORGAN STEINMAN

Her sponsor for the 2006 WPBA Pro Tour is RT9NY. RT9NY, Designs Game Room Art and Apparel. Please check out this site: WWW.RT9NY.COM

We would like to congratulate Morgan Steinman and wish her the best of luck in her continued success. "Ride the 9"