Sholes Commandeers Carolina Classic II

Holly Sholes
Tiger SMART September tour stop was hosted by 150 N Out, owned by Janice Toth, in Mooresville, NC.  Janice, a long-time supporter of women’s pool was presented with a Certificate of Dedication to the Promotion of Women’s Pool.  Tiger SMART and all of women’s pool thank Janice Toth for her on-going efforts on their behalf.
The Classic II welcomed new players Lisa Carver, Tammy Holland, Erin Watts, and Holly Sholes to Tiger SMART.  Lisa and Tammy finished 9-12th while Erin Watts made it to 5th-6th in her first event.  Carolina Classic I Champion, Lisa Cossette battled with Marianne Merrill in a thrilling 7-5 win for Marianne to make it to the winner’s bracket final to meet Belinda Calhoun who had victories over Cheryl Pritchard 7-1; and Holly Sholes 7-5.
Meanwhile on the one loss side, Rebecca Lindsay showed major improvement since her first outing in June to finish with Heather Lakatos in 7th-8th.  Cheryl Pritchard defeated Lakatos 7-2 before falling to Lisa Cossette 7-3 landing her in a solid 5th-6th.  
On Sunday, after an awesome church service held in the pool room, play began at 12pm with 4 players returning; Lisa Cossette and Holly Sholes on the one-loss side and Marianne Merrill and Belinda Calhoun for the hot seat.  It was Calhoun winning that match 7-1 who would be waiting for the final.  Holly Sholes had defeated Erin Watts7-6 with a long rail bank on the 9 to make it to Sunday.  Holly continued her winning streak with wins over Lisa Cossette 7-1, Marianne Merrill 7-4 and Belinda Calhoun 9-4 to take the title.  Congratulations to Holly Sholes on an excellent tournament.
Many thanks from all the members of Tiger SMART to Tiger Products, Aramith, Simonis, Pool and Billiard Magazine, and Billiard’s Digest for their sponsorship and support.  Tiger SMART is working on holding a Pink Out in October for breast cancer awareness.  Watch for details.