Showdown Tour Results from Landmark Bar and Billiards (Mississauga)

Jeff White

The first Showdown Tour event was held at Landmark Bar and Billiards on November 20th and 21st, 2004. Tony and Rose Coelho, hosts of the first event, had their room in top-notch shape to kick off the tour. The field consisted of 54 players, ranging in skill level from beginner to seasoned veteran.

Eight players returned for the money rounds on Sunday. The fans in attendance were witness to some excellent shot making. John Jorgensen and former Canadian Champion Jeff White battled it out in the A-side finals. With John up 8 – 6 in the race to 9, Jeff made an incredible jump shot, hitting the two ball and pocketing the nine. Jeff then followed up with two break and runs to win the match 9 – 8.

Mario Morra, defeated Yanic Bedard in the “B” side semi-finals to setup a rematch with John Jorgenson. Jorgenson knocked Morra to the b-side earlier in the day by running out 4 consecutive racks to pull off a hill- hill win. After a back and fourth start, Mario missed a tough shot on the four ball and John ran the table to tie the match up at 4 games each. John failed to make a ball on his break but once again Mario missed a tough shot on the one ball and John ran out again to go up 5–4. Mario was able to take game 10 and tie the match at 5, but John was focused on a rematch with Jeff White and he took the next two games to win the match 7–5.

The finals saw a rematch between John Jorgensen and Jeff White. John got off to a great start with a break and run to go up 1–0 in the race to 11 final. Jeff was given the opportunity to come back when John scratched on the break in game two. Jeff ran the rack to tie the match at 1 game each. With the match tied 6-6, Jeff won game 13 and then broke and ran two more to take a 9–7 lead. John still had some fight left in him and took advantage of Jeff's uncharacteristic miss on the 7 ball in game 17. The match was now 9 – 8 in favor of Jeff. John then breaks and runs the rack in game 18 to tie the match at 9 games each. The two players play safeties back and fourth in game 19 until John is left a shot on the 3 ball and is able to run out and to the hill first. John failed to pocket a ball on his break and Jeff takes advantage by running out the rack to go hill-hill for the second straight match. Jeff pocketed the 7 ball on his break, then makes a sharp cut pocketing the one ball, leaving perfect shape to make a two nine combination and win the match 11-10. What a finish!

Complete results: 1st Jeff White - $2000 *
2nd John Jorgensen - $1150 *
3rd Mario Morra - $650 *
4th Yanic Bedard - $450 *
5th/6th John Morra & Vito Puopolo $250 *
7th/8th Bill Lockerby & Vince MacIntyre $100
(* includes player auction)

Congratulations to Tom Posi who won the consolation tournament.

We are looking for suggestions to improve the tour and feedback is welcome. Please send your suggestions to or give us a call. For more information, please contact Craig Misener at (705) 436-4092 or Andrew Attard at (416) 346-4149.

The next Showdown event will be held at Shooters in Toronto on December 11th and 12th.