Sigel vs. Tarantola: FREE Internet 14.1 Match “Live” from the Simonis Arena

Mike Sigel (Photo courtesy of Medium Pool)

Accu-Stats presents, World Champion Mike "Captain Hook" Sigel vs. NYC Grind's Jerry Tarantola in a 14.1 Player Review®, 125 Point Straight Pool Match, Monday Night, 9/27/10, 8:00PM EDT.

Sigel is back…and taking no prisoners!

"I feel like I'm eighteen years old," he claimed. And, he's playing like it too.

Fresh from his first tournament in years where he put 30 racks of 9-Ball together before an opponent managed to win a game, he's sent his entry fee for the US Open. Now, he's looking to hone his skills in his favorite discipline, Straight Pool.

And, who better an opponent than Jerry Tarantola. Jerry is normally viewed on the other side of the camera as he documents the behind-the-scenes action at pro tournaments for his website "I just love pool," he disclosed, "and, I can't wait to play Mike."

Always looking to improve the proceedings, Accu-Stats owner/director and BCA Hall of Famer Pat Fleming spins a new twist with the format. As each player completes his inning, he gets to jump into the booth and comment on the match where they will be ably assisted by Geoff Conway and Megan Smith. Now viewers and get inside the minds of the players.

Debbie Smith is the referee.

Locals can see the event at Breaker Billiards in Clifton, NJ. The rest of the world can visit

Don't be late. Mike can put a century together in about forty minutes!