Sigel wins IPT 8-Ball Championship

Mike Sigel

Mike Sigel scored two dominating wins over Loree Jon Jones to win the International Pool Tour's World 8-Ball Championship.

There were no corners cut in production or celebrity appearances for this one, with over 10 cameras in action to cover the match and the celebrities from every angle. Celebrities including Paul Sorvino, Allison Janney, Dominique Swain, Mario Lopez, Pauly Shore, Anthony Anderson, DMX, Michael Clarke Duncan and Thomas Hearns were in attendance to watch these two multi time champions compete.

Jones was introduced first, and accompanied to the table by four tuxedo clad attendees and a tuxedo clad cue carrier. Not to be outdone by Jones, Sigel was accompanied by four bikini wearing escorts as well as two cue carriers. After the singing of the Star Spanged banner, the pool action got underway.

In the beginning, it was readily apparent that both players had a bad case of the nerves. Neither player was able to run a rack early as Sigel scratched on his first two breaks and seemed to be unable to stop himself from jumping up on key shots. Jones early weakness seemed to be nerves and 8-ball strategy as she repeatedly left tough balls for late in the run and those balls would come back to haunt her at the end of each game. Sigel did take an early 2-0 lead, and then matched Jones in the next four games for a 4-2 lead. Jones shot selection hurt her in the next two games as she missed late in the run and gave Sigel open tables to shoot at and Sigel moved out to a 6-2 lead. From there, the old Mike Sigel that pool fans remember started showing up as Sigel ran the last 3 racks accompanied by his usual banter. That gave the first set to Sigel 9-2.

If the end of the first set was a bad sign for Jones, the beginning of the second set was even worse as Jones missed a ball early in the first rack and Sigel ran it out. The second rack was even worse for Jones as she missed a very makeable 8-ball that would have tied the match at 1-1, but instead gave Sigel a 2-0 lead. Sigel broke and ran the next two racks before he came up dry on the 5th rack. Jones was able to clear that table and then break and run the next to get back to 4-2 before a very surprising miss in the 7th game gave the table back to Sigel. Jones would have a lot of time to think about that miss as all she had to do for the rest of the set was listen to Sigel talk and watch Sigel run racks. Sigel won the next five racks without allowing Jones to the table. Sigel finally pocketed the last 8-ball with a triumphant 'I am the man!!' shout.

Both players were in tears for the final money presentation as Jones went away with a check for $75,000 and Sigel walked away with $150,000 in cash. Both players were very appreciative of Kevin Trudeau for putting together the International Pool Tour and both talked of playing in the IPT 'King of the Hill' Invitational 8-Ball Shootout in Orlando this November 30th. Jones also expressed her interest in playing Sigel again, preferably without the nerves along for the ride.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe