Smart Phones Are Getting Into the Game

A new application is available that turns a cell phone into a break speed measurement device.  The application, named Break Speed, uses sound to determine how fast the cue ball is traveling on the break.  The first step in using the application is to set the cue ball breaking position and to select the size of the pool table.  Once set, a recorder is started and the application saves the audio of the break shot.  Using the tip hit and rack hit sounds the application is able to automatically calculate speed.  Break Speed provides measurements to within a hundredth of a mile per hour.  Results are available in seconds!

The average pool player typically breaks around 17mph.  Many professional players break at 24mph or faster (anything over 20mph is good).  Maintaining a square hit on the rack, breaking faster generally results in a better spread and more balls pocketed on the break.  Using the feedback from Break Speed players can determine whether a slight adjustment in stance, grip or stroke helps or hurts their break speed.  Developing a killer break is a matter of figuring out what works best for each player and Break Speed makes it simple to do.

Break Speed is currently available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones.  Visit or the phones app store for more information.