SML Day Four Complete

Earl Strickland

Day four is complete at the SML Entertainment 9-Ball Championship and the winners side is now down to just four players.

On Saturday morning, reigning World Champion Alex Pagulayan will face Danny 'Kid Delicious' Basavich in one winners side match while longtime friends Earl Strickland and defending champion Johnny Archer face off in the other. Strickland scored a hard fought 11-8 win over Paul Potier on Friday, while the other 3 undefeated players cruised relatively untested.

Opening matches on the one-loss side saturday will be Jason Klatt vs Edwin Montal, Mike Vidas vs Danny Hewitt, Tyler Edey vs Paul Potier and Brady Gollan vs Luc Salvas.

Brackets are online and will be updated multiple times on Saturday until the final $10,000 winner is crowned.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe