Lion unstoppable in Calgary

Alex Pagulayan

Before a crowd of over 400 spectators, Alex "The Lion" Pagulayan completed an undefeated run to win the SML Entertainment 9-Ball Championship.

Pagulayan started the event with a very shaky 11-10 win over Mike Yancowski from Edmonton. After that match, Pagulayan never looked back. He scored wins over Eldon Gauthier, Mike Vidas, Craig Kerry and Edwin Montal to put him in the final four on the winners side Saturday morning.

Pagulayan's first match on Saturday was a dominating 11-3 win over Danny 'Kid Delicious' Basavich, followed up by an 11-3 win over Earl 'The Pearl' Strickland.

Strickland came back with revenge on his mind, after an 11-3 victory over Brady Gollan on the one loss side.

The final match against Strickland was much closer, but the same result as Pagulayan scored an 15-10 win to earn first place and $10,000 in prize money. Strickland settled for $6000 in prize money. Tyler Edey earned $1000 in bonus money for being the top finishing player from Calgary.

Complete Results:
1st Alex Pagulayan $10,000
2nd Earl Strickland $6,000
3rd Brady Gollan $3,000
4th Johnny Archer $2,000
5th/6th Mike Vidas, Danny Basavich $1,500
7th/8th Jason Klatt, Paul Potier $1,000
9th/12th Edwin Montal, Danny Hewitt, Tyler Edey, Luc Salvas $750
13th/16th Shane Van Boening, Daniel Tremblay, PJ Massicotte, Erik Hjorliefson $500
17th/24th Craig Kerry, Bob Begay, Michael Isaack, Dave MaGuinis, Danny Gilbert, Benny Onyschuk, Nick Kruger, Mike Abou $300
25th/32nd Mike Yancowski, Barry McLean, Jeff White, Willie Hernandez, DJ McGinley, Al Greenlee, Randy Pruden, Paul Richens $200

File photo courtesy of John Kenyon