Song and Hooks Claim Maxim Billiard Tour Event Wins

Paul Song

March 26-27th, 2011- The Maxim Billiards Amateur Tour was hosted by Mr. Cues II in Atlanta GA.  The event kicked off on Saturday with the 2-day  $1000 Added 9-Ball Tournament.  On Sunday the $500 Guarnateed 8-Ball Tournament kicked off  both events finished up Sunday evening with Paul Song and Jeff Hooks claiming 1st place wins.  The weekends events hosted 77 players and paid out $3480 in prize monies.

Paul Song would make his way through the top half of the Maxim Billiards Amateur Tours 9-Ball bracket undefeated until the finals.  Song began his bid for first place with a bye and proceeded to send the following to the left side of the chart as he worked his way into the hot seat:  Kristin Malone 9-1; Frank Davis 9-0; Jeff Hooks 7-3; Clint McCullough 9-6; Jason Stemen 9-8; in the finals Song was defeated in the first set to Tim Orange 9-6 but made a recovery to come back in set two 9-7 to take the win and claim first place.

Jeff Hooks claimed the first place prize in The Maxim Billiards Amateur Tours 8-Ball $500 Guaranteed event, which featured the Low Economy Buster Entry Fee of $10, that kicked off on Sunday.  Hooks won the tournament undefeated in set one of the true double elmination format that is standard on The Maxim Billiards Tour.  Hooks defeated Arthur Capers 5-0; Bill Rotton 5-0; Ryan Steiner 5-0; Roy Ruffin 5-2; Wes Davis in the match for the hot seat 5-4 and again in set one of the finals 5-4 to claim first place.

The Maxim Billiards Tour staff would like to thank the Sweet family and their staff for hosting this event  and to all the players that support our tour and help to make it successful.  As always Mr. Cues II continues to provide an excellent environment for pool players of all skill levels.  If you make your way down south make sure you stop in and shoot some pool at Mr. Cues II you won't be disappointed.

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