Souquet #2 on BCA list; Immonen remains at #1

Ralf Souquet

With his win at the Pro Players Championship, Ralf Souquet had climbed to #2 on the BCA points list. Mika Immonen's 9th place finish was more than enough to keep him standing atop the points list.

Other climbers in the top 10 were Dennis Hatch (#7 to #5), Johnny Archer (#8 to #7) and Shane Van Boening who jumped four spots from #10 to #6.

Corey Deuel, Darren Appleton, Rodney Morris, Mike Dechaine and Earl Strickland all fell on the list with Morris, Dechaine and Strickland all dropped four spots.

The BCA points list is used by the BCA to determine player invitations to world wide events.