Souquet claims sixth Masters crown

Ralf Souquet


The Final
Ralf Souquet (GER) 8 – 5 Dennis Orcollo (PHI)
GERMANY'S RALF SOUQUET claimed his sixth World Pool Masters title as he defeated the Philippines' Dennis Orcollo in front of a packed house at the SM Mall North in Quezon City, Manila. The jubilant 'Kaiser' screamed with joy as he downed the final 9 ball, and banished a succession of heart-breaking defeats in the Philippines capital city.
He lost to Ronnie Alcano in the final of the 2006 World Pool Championship in this same city and then he and Thorsten Hohmann were narrowly beaten in the final of the 2009 World Cup of Pool at the hands of Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante.
Following on from his recent induction into the BCA Hall of Fame, Souquet, 42, put in two stellar performances today. Earlier he came from 7-4 down to beat Darren Appleton in the semi-final and followed that up by a solid performance to derail Dennis Orcollo who had looked so good over his previous three matches.
"It seems to be my tournament for whatever reason. I've made the final eight times and won six and lost twice. It's not only a dream come true but also the icing on the cake to win it here in the Philippines," said a delighted Souquet.
"It's the fifth final I've played in the Philippines but the first time I've won one, which makes it all the more satisfying!"

The match itself was tight is the early stages and at 3-3 it was all to play for. Neither player was making the most of the break before Orcollo nailed one in eighth game to set up a run out and establish a two rack lead at 5-3.
Souquet is one of pool's premier fighters and he scrapped back into contention at 5-5 and then produced a superb break shot that saw four balls drop and leave him a shot on the lowest ball. From there he cleared to move into a 6-5 lead.
Sensing the momentum was swinging in his favour, Souquet broke and ran the next to reach the hill and put Orcollo under severe pressure. The diminutive Filipino though, had potted his last ball as the clinical German broke and ran the last for a famous victory.
"At the Masters you are playing 15 of the greatest players in the world and it's very tough from the first round on and you have to play at 100 per cent and if you can't do that then you won't win," said Souquet.

"I could've lost all of my matches and the final was my biggest winning margin as I won 8-7, 8-6, 8-7 and then 8-5.

"The Philippines is the country of pool and it's where the sport is such a big thing. There are so many great players like Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante, Dennis Orcollo, Roberto Gomez and I could go on. It's just so tough to win a tournament here.

"But it's so great here as you have so many great fans that love the sport and the players are treated the way they should be."
The Final
Ralf Souquet (GER) 8 – 5 Dennis Orcollo (PHI)
Winner receives $20,000, runner-up receives $10,000
Semi Finals Results
Dennis Orcollo (PHI) 8 – 4 Fu Jianbo (CHN)
Ralf Souquet (GER) 8 – 7 Darren Appleton (ENG)
Losers receive $4,000
Quarter Finals Results
Ralf Souquet (GER) 8 – 6 Lee Van Corteza (PHI)
Darren Appleton (ENG) 8 – 4 Raj Hundal (IND) 
Dennis Orcollo (PHI) 8 – 1 Chang Jung-lin (TPE)
Fu Jianbo (CHN) 8 – 5 Jason Klatt (CAN)
Losers receive $3,000
Round 1 Results
Ralf Souquet (GER) 8 – 7 Mika Immonen (FIN) 
Darren Appleton (ENG) 8 – 5 Efren Reyes (PHI)
Jason Klatt (CAN) 8 – 3 Francisco Bustamante (PHI)
Lee Van Corteza (PHI) 8 – 7 Huidji See (HOL)
Fu Jianbo (CHN) 8 – 4 Chris Melling (ENG)
Raj Hundal (IND) 8 – 3 Yukio Akagariyama (JAP)
Dennis Orcollo (PHI) 8 – 2 Tony Drago (MAL)
Chang Jung-lin (TPE) 8 – 3 Shane Van Boening (USA)
Losers receive $2,000