Souquet wins Derby 9-Ball Division

A triumphant Ralf Souquet

The big story going into the final day of the Derby City Classic, was Efren Reyes needing to win the event to earn the $20,000 Master of the Table bonus. That dream was cut short though, as Reyes suffered back to back losses to Johnny Archer and then Rodolfo Luat and finished tied for third.

The final four players were Archer, Luat, Reyes and Ralf Souquet with Luat and Reyes both having buy back options for the event. Those options would be used at the same time as Souquet beat Luat and Archer beat Reyes.

The names were redrawn for the next round with Luat drawing Reyes and Souquet drawing Archer. Luat and Souquet came out on top of those matches leading to a Luat/Souquet final.

It was Souquet's second trip to the 9-ball division finals in three years. Much like his dominating win in 2004, Souquet was unstoppable in the finals against Luat. The match featured early safeties from both players, but a kick shot in the second game leading to a lucky 9-ball was all the opening Souquet needed. Luat played safe in the game, leaving Souquet a kick shot on the 3-ball. Souquet kicked the ball and it pocketed a 9-ball near the side pocket to give Souquet the game. That safety would be Luat's last shot as Souquet broke and ran the set out from there for a 7-0 victory.

Souquet earned $16,000 for the 9-ball division win.

Banks winner and one pocket runner up Jason Miller was crowned 'Master of the Table' and earned $20,000 in prize money. Reyes finished second in the "Master of the Table' points list and Alex Pagulayan finished third. Reyes pocketed $3,000 in bonus money while Pagulayan took home $2,000.

The action in Louisville is not over just because the 9-ball division is complete. The IPT Tour qualifier is in full swing and two winners will walk away with IPT tour cards on Sunday.

We have 3 photo galleries from Diana Hoppe, with more pics to be posted this weekend.

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