Souquet wins Dutch Open 9-ball

Ralf Souquet

In a field of players that include the likes of Oliver Ortmann, Niels Feijen, Stephane Cohen and many other European Top Players, it was Ralf Souquet who beat Rico Diks in the final on Sunday. It was a real thriller, with Rico leading most of the match. At 9-9, Ralf broke and missed a fairly easy 2-ball.

Rico came to the table, got the 3 - and 4-ball, only to find himself hooked on the 5-ball, much to his disgust. After long contemplation, he kicked the 5-ball, but left Ralf an easy run-out, which Der Kaiser took.

Semi finals:
Ralf Souquet - Mika Immonen: 9-8
Rico Diks - Alex Lely: 9-8

Ralf pocketed 1500 dollars for his win, while Rico settled for half that amount. Alex and Mika settled for 400 dollars each....