Southern Classic Sweet Sixteen

Monica Webb

Saturday tournament play is complete at the Viking Tour's Great Southern Classic 9-Ball division.

The original field of 107 players has now been trimmed to just sixteen players. After a 9-4 win over Scotty Townsend and a 9-0 win over Everett Snow, Monica Webb is still undefeated and will face Shannon Daulton on Sunday morning. Other winners side matches will be Paul Song vs David Grossman, Cliff Joyner vs Stevie Moore and Brian Butler vs Young-Hwa Jeong.

Matches on the one loss side will be David Broxson vs Claude Marrier, Bill Bailey vs Larry Nevel, Chuck Dorsett vs John Macias and Jerry Slivka vs Ronnie Wiseman.

At the end of Saturday tournament play, Webb has already sewn up the ladies bonus prize of $500 for the best combined finish in two events. The men's division was still up in the air though. Larry Nevel still holds a small lead of Jerry Slivka and Shannon Daulton, but Nevel and Slivka are already on the left side of the board while Daulton has yet to lose a match.

While tournament play may be complete, the action has been non-stop at The Pool Room 2. Of special note at this event is the performance by young gun Jonathan Tedder. Tedder has been travelling the country for the past few months and is definitely making waves at this event. Earlier in the event, poker star Josh Arieh made his way to the event to try his hand at pool with some of the players. After his challenge matches with Tedder, Arieh was sent back to the poker tables empty handed.

Matches get started Sunday morning at 11AM. More information on the tournament can be found on the rooms website at or by calling the room at 770-418-9086.

Online 9-Ball brackets are updated with all of the matches so far.