Sparky Ferrell Snaps Off Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour Season Opener

Doug Ennis, Sparky Ferrell, Mike Davis, and Trevor Jefferson
Sparky Ferrell Snaps Off Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour Season Opener

The Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour stop at Shooters in Greensboro, North Carolina ran along smoothly on Saturday with the usual suspects advancing into the Sunday rounds, but credit must go out to the regional players as they kept the professional players on their toes.

On Sunday, Sparky Ferrell made his way by Michael Fuller 7-4, Jeff Abernathy 7-5 and Craig Wolfe 7-2 to seal his spot in the winners side hot-seat. Mike Davis, Kenny Wilson, and Trevor Jefferson ended up on the wrong side of the chart where Paul Peters, Scott Lewis, Anthony Arney, and Derek Leonard were waiting.

The first round Sunday morning on the one-loss side saw Kenny Wilson, Mike Davis, Anthony Arney, and Michael Fuller pull through. Professional player Mike Davis then took the reigns started his run through the remaining players with wins over Kenny Wilson 7-2, New England's Mike Dechaine 7-4, Michael Fuller 7-3, and Craig Wolfe 7-3 to play in the final round against Ferrell in the modified single race to nine.

The final set went game for game until the score read 4-4, when Ferrell took off and took a lead of 8-4, but rack thirteen looked as though it would be the turn around for Davis. The score made it to 8-6 and after a great table length cut on the seven ball, Davis rattled the eight and ended his tournament life – final score 9-6.

There was plenty of action while the main event dwindled down on Sunday. Along with the $650 Jacoby limited edition cue that was raffled off to Eric Jacobs; there was a junior event ending with Trey Sprye and Andrew Coley battling for top honors. The finals saw a score of 7-5, Sprye on top. In addition, the second chance tournament was underway with nine players, including, Ben Zimmer, Andrew Coley, Rayanne Harvala, Melissa Goss, Karl Kurak, Peaches Fuller, Trevor Jefferson, Todd Nelson, and Katie Cowan. The final four were 1st Ben Zimmer $90; 2nd Todd Nelson $50; 3rd Andrew Coley $20; and 4th Katie Cowan $20.

Special thanks to the management and staff at Shooters (owners Trevor and Michelle Jefferson, and Eric Ridge – thanks for the southern hospitality and for supporting the tournament scene; along with tour sponsors/contributors OB Cues, Jacoby Custom Cues and Fast Eddies in Goldsboro, North Carolina for their added qualifier spot for the next year's Carolina Open.

A few notes about the tour itself, each event offers something for everyone. The night before the main event, there is an early bird tournament. This Friday's event hosted twelve players including Harry Smith, Kenny Wilson, Andrew Coley, Mike Dechaine, Ben Zimmer, Anthony Arney, Matt Reed, Trey Sprye, Al Fitch, Mike Vinson, Trevor Jefferson, and Mike Triplett. The end results: 1st Mike Dechaine $120; 2nd Al Fitch $60; 3rd Ben Zimmer $30; and 4th Matt Reed $30.

Then, the main event on Saturday and Sunday with both a junior (point accruals within the first ten events will determine the division qualifier for a spot at junior nationals) and a second chance event are held on Sunday only, unless otherwise noted. So, stop by the tour website at and find a stop close to you – the next event is scheduled for November 17th-18th at Pastime Billiards & Pub in Kinston, North Carolina.