Stan James Valleyfield Day One

Jeff Kennedy

The Stan James Canadian Nine Ball Tour has finished day one at Dooly's in Valleyfield, Quebec, and the field has been reduced to only twelve players remaining. The finest performances of the day were put in by our four remaining undefeated players. Former Canadian snooker champion Alain Robidoux, Roger Colbert, Jeff Kennedy and Erik Hjorliefson all remain unscathed with Hjorliefson's past experience putting him as the current favorite for Sunday.

Tour sponsor Stan James, the Gibraltor-based sports bookmaker (, must be pleased as their Canadian representative, Jeff Kennedy, is one of the unbeatens and he has taken on some tough action to get to where he now sits. His last victim was none other than Alain Martel, and he dusted Martel 9-6.

The unbeaten side of the charts is not where all of the remaining strength lies. On the sudden-death side there is a squad of great players, any of whom could take this event down. Luc Salvas, Alain Martel, Raymond Cruz, Mario Morra, Jeff Blais, Ed Galati, Danny Hewitt and Eric Theroux all have a single barrel left in their guns and none of them are wasting shots.

The Stan James Canadian Nine Ball Tour wishes to express constant thanks to co-sponsors Simonis Cloth, Aramith Billiard Balls, and Canada Bowling and Billiards as well as to Luc Salvas and his entire staff at Dooley's.

A final report will be forthcoming immediately following the Sunday conclusion.