Steinman Wins Cosmo’s Billiards JPNEWT Event

Runner-Up Gina Lipsky, Amy Johns, And Winner Morgan Steinman

Morgan Steinman may have started off on a wrong note in losing her first match hill-hill to JPNEWT newcomer Naomi Fingerhut, but that just made her more determined to dominate the left side of the chart on Saturday and Sunday.

Morgan slowly but surely gathered steam through the two-day event to rack up her first JPNEWT event win on Sunday in a 9-3 final against JPNEWT's #1 ranked player Gina Lipsky. Morgan posted wins over Judie Wilson, Barbara Stock, Amy Johns, Erica Testa, Sharon O'Hanlon, Colleen Shoop, and Charlotte Reeder to meet up with Gina in the finals.

Gina posted wins over Kathy Fiend, Dee Barbules, Supadra Boonpasook, and Sharon O'Hanlon before meeting up with Charlotte Reeder for the hot seat match, which she won 7-4. Charlotte then lost 7-4 to Morgan to finish in 3rd place.

JPNEWT thanks Cosmo Salerno and Amy Johns for hosting an event on such short notice and we look forward to returning next year.

JPNEWT's year finale will be a $500-added event on December 3rd and 4th at Clifton Billiards in Clifton, NJ.

1st – Morgan Steinman $500 + Qualifier
2nd – Gina Lipsky $375
3rd – Charlotte Reeder $225
4th – Colleen Shoop $125
5th/6th – Sharon O'Hanlon, Naomi Fingerhut