Steinway Classic Is Almost Upon Us

Mika Immonen
The $7,000 added Steinway Classic 10 Ball event now in its second year, is looking to have a 128 player field this year, and as the event is following hot on the heels of the Olhausen World Tournament of 14.1 it has attracted a star studded field.
The Steinway Classic is actually sandwiched between the Dragon Promotions World Straight Pool event and the Predator Ginky Memorial event, which is making for a very busy time at Steinway Billiards & Cafe in Astoria, Queens. As a result of this enormous amount of hard work by all of those involved, we are not only being treated to a smorgasbord of events, but also to a smorgasbord of world class players in all three events. 
Last years event was won by Phil Burford the young gun from England,  with Mika Immonen taking second place. Unfortunately Phil has a conflict with events in Europe this year and will not be in attendance. Below are just some of the high profile players that will be in the field of the Steinway Classic. 
Mika Immonen - Fin
Jayson Shaw - Scotland
Mike Davis - USA
The Steinway Classic is sanctioned by the ABP and is a Predator Tour event, as is the Ginky Memorial.