Stepanov Shows No Mercy for Souquet

Konstantin Stepanov (RUS) Foto: IG

Jentsch will be the man in the other corner in the final of the Beassy™ 8-Ball World's Top Gun

Thursday, 06 October 2011: Konstantin Stepanov (RUS) took out Ralf Souquet (GER) with 8:5.

It did not seem to be Souquet's match. He was trailing 2:5 and he had made some errors in order to find himself where he was. In the 8th rack, Stepanov even had the chance to take a 4-rack lead but he missed a makeable 3-ball. Then Souquet ran the rack, making the score 3:5. The following racks contained no big surprises and the match came to a score of 6:5 for Stepanov. He ran all balls but suddenly found himself with the cue ball behind his opponent's object ball, having no shot at the last ball of his group. He aimed into the long rail and pocketed the object ball with a kick shot in the called pocket, receiving perfect position for the 8-ball. That was the rack that put Stepanov on the hill over the favoured Souquet. In the next rack it was Souquet's break coming up. He broke the balls, had a ball down… and scratched! Stepanov got to the table and cleared the table, securing an 8:5 victory over “The Kaiser” that put him in the final match of the Beassy™ 8-Ball World's Top Gun tournament.

“I feel great! I did not make one mistake in the whole match”, stated a very happy Stepanov in the interview after the match. When asked about the reason why he thought he won the match, modest Stepanov replied “Of course I cannot say anything about Ralf's mental side. He is the most experienced guy I've ever seen.” “This time, he was just a bit unlucky on the break”. “The mistakes that Ralf has committed in the beginning together with his bad luck on the break shot made it possible for me to win this match”, said Stepanov. “I knew if I'd make one mistake, it could be the end for me, facing an opponent like Ralf Souquet”.

The opponent for Konstantin Stepanov in the final match will be Dominic Jentsch (GER). Jentsch eliminated Jungo (SUI) with 8:5 after being 0:4 down to the Swiss player.

Results Semi-finals

Ralf Souquet GER v Konstantin Stepanov RUS 5:8
Dimitri Jungo SUI v Dominic Jentsch GER 5:8

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