Steve Foster Wins Florida Amateur Tour 2006 Finale

Kings Bay Promotions held its final event on November 25 through November 26, 2006 for the 2006 Florida Amateur Tour at Strokers in Palm Harbor, Florida. The field was intense for the $1500 Added two day event and the top 40 amateurs showed up in full force from all over the state. Some new twist was added to the event with race to 7 on both sides and the final 8 players being brought back for the second day.

The first day of play brought out some interesting results. Jacksonville player John Tatum was left in 12th place after losing to Stroker's room owner Jose Delrio sent him to the one loss side to face Orlando player Travis Moore. Jason Richko faced both Tracie Hines and Jimmy Hines in back to back matches on the one loss side after losing to Steve Foster 7-1 on the winner's side. Richko left Tracie Hines in 15th place and Jimmy Hines in 11th place while he stayed in the event to come back the second day. In the meantime Doug Cruz who has sent Tracie Hines to the west side with a score of 7-4 met his match with long time tour player Jimmy Sandaler when Sandaler won the hill hill match. Cruz was left in 10th place after Tim Daniel took the match. Bruce Choice put Daniel on the one loss side early in the event in a 7-4 victory. Daniel worked hard to come back the second day by sending Paul LeCain (7-2), Scott Howard (7-3), and Doug Cruz (7-5) home. Donnie Runk from Jacksonville ended his first day in 10th place when after struggling through the winner's brackets winning against Jim Oddy (7-3) and Travis Moore (7-6) till Foster sent him to the west with a score (7-1). Runk lost his next match to Brian Davalos 7-6 allowing him to continue the second day.

Second day brought back the top 8 players of the event. On the winners side Bruce Choyce faced Stroker's room owner Jose Delrio while Jimmy Sandaler and Steve Foster went head to head. On the one loss side Brian Davalos and Tim Daniel played for 7th place and Travis Moore played Richko for 8th place. Davalos sent Daniels home in a very intense match scoring 9-7 and Moore went home after his loss of 9-4. Richko then went on to face Sandaler while Davalos faced Choyce. Richko took his win at 9-8 while Davalos won his round 9-7. Richko and Davalos faced off with each other while Foster and Delrio played the King of the Hill match. Foster jumped ahead of Delrio and even though Delrio fought hard Foster kept the lead and took the King of the Hill title 9-5. Richko kept their games tied till Davalos jumped ahead taking the victory 9-5 leaving Richko in 4th place. Davalos and Delrio, both local players, took on the challenge against each other to see who would play against Kink of the Hill Foster. Delrio was in stroke as he jumped ahead of Davalos 9-3 leaving Davalos in 3rd place.

For the final race to 11 match Foster and Delrio faced off. Both players had been playing excellent against the very tough amateurs. Foster jumped ahead of Delrio 4-1 but Delrio fought back trying to play catch up making the score 5-2 but the rolls didn't seem to go his way as Foster kept his lead to win the finale with a 11-4 score.

1st place Steve Foster $770
2nd place Jose Delrio $450
3rd place Brian Davalos $300
4th place Jason Richko $200
5th place Bruce Choyce $ 120
6th place Jim Sandaler $ 120
7th place Tim Daniel $ 80
8th place Travis Moore $ 80
9th place Donnie Runk $ 40
10th place Doug Cruz $ 40
11th place Jimmy Hines $ 40
12th place John Tatum $40

The following are the winners of the points race for the KBP 2007 Tiger Amateur Ladies 9-Ball Tour.
1st place Tracy McCreary with 458 points
2nd place Barbara Ellis with 439 points, who has never missed an event since the tour started.
3rd place Mary Reinhardt with 428 points
4th place Stephanie Mitchell with 377 points
5th place Jennifer Nelson with 355 points
6th place Jessica Barnes with 251 points
7th place Monica Riley with 244 points
8th place Kay Higgins tieing with Monica Riley with 244 points but Kay withdraws from the points win due to being the owner of the tour
8th place then goes to Niki Rasmussen with 220 points

For the 2006 season the following is our top 8 points winners in the Central Division
1st place Tim Daniel with 803 points
2nd place Josh Lewis with 753 points
3rd place;Jim Oddy with 713 points
4th place Travis Moore with 690 points
5th place Billy Schmidt with 669 points
6th place Brian Davalos with 481 points
7th place Hector Leon 451 points
8th place Jason Richko 379 points

North Florida Points Results are
1st place Trevor Moore 440 points
2nd place Matt Bauries 423 points
3rd place Bryan Pinkley 419 points
4th place Echo Pinkley 401 points
5th place Thomas Mittnight 371 points
6th place Steve Foster 346 points
7th place John Tatum 325 points
8th place Johnny Reeves 292 points

Thanks so all that supported the tour by either hosting an event, sponsorship or particapting in the events. We will see you next year.

First events are:

JANUARY 13, 2007
30901 US 19 N,

JANUARY 14, 2007
30901 US 19N,

JANUARY 20, 2007

JANUARY 27, 2007
1010 E BUSCH BLVD #6,
TAMPA, FL 33612

JANUARY 28, 2007
1010 E BUSCH BLVD #6,
TAMPA, FL. 33612