Steve Mizerak Championship, Day Three

And then there was 4.  Day 3 of the Steve Mizerak Championship was filled with enough excitement to last a lifetime.  The enthusiasm and intensity filled the room at Hammer Heads Billiard Lounge.  All eyes in the room were fixed on a table as some great matches unfolded.

The talk of the room, by far was the two players that's still remain on the winner's side of the bracket.  One player, Shane Van Boening, was a favorite coming into the tournament and no one was surprised to see his name in the hot seat slot.  SVB defeated Richie Richeson (9-3) and Johnny Archer (9-4) in route to the hot seat.

The second player left on the winner's side, Hunter Lombardo, has been impressed all who saw his play today.  Lombardo seemed to only get better and better after each shot, after each rack, after each match.  Lombardo took out Brandon Shuff (9-3) and Donny Mills (9-6).  Lombardo has his sights completely focused on the task at hand and the way he is shooting, it is going to be a tall task to defeat him.  The clash with SVB and Lombardo should be epic and it will be live streamed at 2 PM EDT on

Remaining alive on the one loss side is Donny Mills, who was sent left by Lombardo and defeated Stevie Moore (9-3) and Dennis Haar (9-3).  Also still in it is Alex Pagulayan who was sent left on day 2 by Santos Sambajon Jr. and defeated Dennis Hatch (9-6), Stevie Moore (9-7), Justin Hall (9-2), and Johnny Archer (9-6) all on day3.

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