Steve Mizerak Championship, Day Two

And then there was 16.  Day 2 picked up the excitement right where it was left from day 1.  There was a definite sense of anticipation and focus coming from all the players that stepped into the field of play today.  The stakes are high and the players didn't want to make that one mistake that could send them packing.

Hunter Lombardo was one of those players who refused to let the big stakes affect his play.  He faced defending Mizerak Champion Earl Strickland on the first feature table match-up.  Lombardo jumped to an early lead and wouldn't look back.  Strickland seemed helpless at times, while Lombardo would not give him any opportunities at a decent shot.  Lombardo would move on with a 9-5 victory.

This event is also for Mosconi Cup points and with this and the US Open 9-ball being the last events that will determine the United States team, several players are scrambling to accumulate as many points as possible.  Mike Dechaine and Shawn Putnam, both near the top of the point standings, would be eliminated on day 2.  Shane Van Boening and Johnny Archer also vying for Mosconi Cup positioning remain on the winner's side heading into day 3.

Winner's side match-ups for day 3 are: Johnny Archer vs. Santos Sambajon Jr.; Shane Van Boening vs. Richie Richeson; Brandon Shuff vs. Hunter Lombardo; Donny Mills vs. Stevie Moore.

One-loss side matches for day 3 are: Alex Pagulayan vs. Dennis Hatch (streaming live at 12 noon); Adam Smith vs. Justin Hall; Tony Crosby vs. Larry Nevel; Dennis Haar vs. Jose Parica.

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