Steve Moore Eliminates Pagulayan at US Open

Stevie Moore

With day three at the US Open drawing to a close, the number of top condenders still unbeated has taken a serious hit.

Top seeds who were handed their first losses on Wednesday included Rodney Morris, Tony Robles, Marcus Chamat, Jose Parica and Shannon Daulton. What was even more surprising on Wednesday was defending champion Alex Pagulayan's "2 and out" elimination. Pagulayan lost to Tyler Edey on Tuesday and was sent to the bleachers by Stevie Moore on Wednesday.

Marquee matches on Thursday include Earl Strickland vs Shawn Putnan, Corey Deuel vs Johnny Archer, Raj Hundal vs John Schmidt and Shane Van Boening vs Charlie Bryant.

Online brackets are updated and will be updated again on Thursday aternoon.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe