Stevie Moore and Brian Tyler win at The Hole Thang

Terrie Janis with second place finisher Jesse Middlebrooks

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour stopped at The Hole Thang this weekend for it's Open and Amateur Division with a total of 66 participants in the events. The Open Division hosted 36 players with 7 free entries given to women and junior players, 3 discounts for league players and 2 free tour cards where given to players that took advantage of the online coupon promotion from The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour this weekend. The Amateur Division hosted 30 players with 8 free entries for women and juniors and 5 league discounts

The Open Division drew in such notable players as Stevie Moore, JR Rossman and Jesse Middlebrook as well as a few first time Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour participants such as Travis Summers, Derek Fountain just to name a few needless to say the competition was tough. Spectators were treated to some awesome matches and witnessed some unbelievable shots as champion faced champion.

Stevie Moore was the favorite in the event from the beginning but the star of the show turned out to be Jesse Middlebrooks. Even though Jesse took second place in the event his fantastic play stole the show. Jess suffered a second round loss at the hande of JR Rossman in a thrilling match with the final score 11-10. After that match Middlebroks hit the 1-loss isde with determination. In the 1-loss side Middlebrooks overcame three hill, hill matches to get to the finals and play Stevie Moore for the title. In the finals Middlebrooks play was nothing less than spectatular. In the beginning it looked like Moore was going to run through Middlebrooks as Moore easd to an 8-3 lead. In the 12th games Moore came up dry on the break and did not get back to the table until the score was 10-8 Middlebrooks. In the 19th game Middlebrooks came up dry on the break and Moore won that game plus the next one to tie the set score at 10 games each. In the final game of the set Moore broke and made the 1 and 7 ball but was left with no shot on the 2 ball. Moore pushed and Middlebrooks returned the shot. Moore missed the next shot and a safety battle began. Withn the next 5 plays Middlebrooks had Moore on two fouls with what looked like no chance of Moore making a legal hit on the 2 ball which would cost him the set. After carefully studying the table layout Moore came up with a spectacular kick shot and smashed the 2 into the 9-ball which found the pocket for the win.

Stevie Moore made his trek in the bottom brackett sending every one he faced to the one loss side beginning with Danny Cotton 11-1; Rod Rentz 11-4; Horace Harper 11-6; JR Rossman 11-7; Travis Summers 11-7; Jesse Middlebrook in the finals 11-10

Jesse Middlebrook's path began with a bye he defeated Travis Neff 11-4 and was sent to he one loss side by JR Rossman 11-10; where bested his opponents beginning with Jim Jacobs 11-8; Derek Fountain 11-2; JR Rossman 11-5; Jeff Hooks 11-7; Travis Summers 11-10.

Payouts for The Open Division
1st Stevie Moore $1780
2nd Jesse Middlebrook $1000
3rd Travis Summers $600
4th Jeff Hooks $350
5/6th JR Rossman/Brian Tyler $120 each
7/8th Chuck Dorsett/Rod Rentz $70 each

The Amateur Division drew in 30 players with 8 free entries given to the women and junior participants and 5 league discounts.

The Amateur Division was won by Brian Tyler whose pathway to the finals is as follows: Tyler made his way thru the bottom of the brackett undefeated sending all opponents that faced him to the one loss side as follows Micheal Lowery 7-2; James Parr 7-1; George Henderson 7-1; Shawn Dowling 7-6; and again in the hot seat Shawn Dowling 7-3 to take 1st place.

Shawn Dowling took 2nd place and his pathway begins in the top of the brackett where he defeated Derek Fountain 7-1; Antonio Maxwell 7-1; Stephen Gonzalo 7-5; losing to Brian Tyler 7-6; defeating Stephen Gonzalo 5-0 to return to face Brian Tyler in the hot seat.

Amateur Payouts:

1st Brian Tyler $590
2nd Shawn Dowling $400
3rd Steven Gonzalo $250
4th Justin Mixon $100
5/6th George Henderson/ Bryant Walker $55