Stick Built Tour FAQ

On Sunday, February 8th at High House Billiards in Cary, NC the Stick Built 8-Ball Tour to Benefit Habitat for Humanity begins!  There are still spots left for this inaugural (pardon me Mr. President) tour stop.  With the SBT pre-registration is easier than ever!  Just go to and pay your entry fee for one, two, three, or all eight stops.  You can register at the door, but spots are limited.  Now we want to take this opportunity to answers a few questions that keep coming up.

Question:   Do I have to play in all eights stops?
Answer:   No.  You can play in one, four, two, six, as many as you want.

Question:   Is there a point system?
Answer:   No.  However, at each stop you have the opportunity to win FREE entry to the Tournaments of Champions by taking first place.  The TOC is an eight player, winner-take-all $500 shoot out.

Question:   What rules do you use?
Answer:   Basically they are the same rules used by the A.P.A., except we are allowing jump cues.

Question:   What do you mean by, “Amateurs Only”?
Answer:  If in the past three years you've placed top three in an open tournament of note (Viking, Jacoby, etc) you're not an amateur.  We mainly use the AZBilliards player list to determine this, though we also have access to other sources.  E-mail us at with questions.

That should cover the basics.  More information can be found at our website as well as on the AZBilliards Tours and Tournaments page.  We're looking forward to seeing you play and remember, you can save $5 on every stop just by joining the CSP Players Club.