Stottlemyer wins Mezz Championship

Brett Stottemyer owner Gary Conover and Manny Chau

The Mezz Pro-Am Championships was hosted by Atlantic City Billiard Club on Jan 15th & 16th.  A strong field of 53 players came out to play including such notables as Matt Krah, Wali Muhammad, Bruce Nagle, Manny Chau, Rob Pole, Josh Brothers, Brett Stottlemyer, Derek Schwager, Randy schwager, Sean Morgan, Oscar Bonilla, Phil Wines, Mike Miller, Trenton Marty Ciccia, Denise Reeve, Sharon O'Hanlon, Diana Rojas, and Sandi Patarino to name a few.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Brett Stotlemyer with wins over Trenton Marty Ciccia 9-2, Randy Schwager 9-5, Soner Bulut 9-2, Joey Testa, 9-4, and Phil Wines 9-7.  Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Manny Chau with wins over Bill Smith Jr. 9-5, Michael Prasents 9-6, Jim O'Hara 9-4, Rob Pole 9-7, and Eddie Abraham 9-6.

Playing of the hot seat was Brett Stottlemyer vs Manny Chau. This was a great match that went hill hill before Brett Stottlemyer came away with the win 9-8 sending Manny Chau to the one lost side.  Making his way through the one lost side was Matt Krah. After losing his first match to Bruce Nagle 9-6, Krah went on a winning streak with wins over Randy Schwager 7-6, Joe Hong 7-3, Jim O'Hara 7-1, Jeremy Sossei 7-5, Josh Brothers 7-5, Joey Testa 7-5, Eddie Abraham 7-6, Rob Pole 7-2 before running into Manny Chau. This was a one sided match with Manny Chau winning 7-3 to get to the finals. I also would like to acknowledge Sandi Patarino for having a great tournament and coming in 13th place and being top C/D player.

In the finals it was Manny Chau vs Brett Stottlemyer. Manny Chau had to beat Brett Stottlemyer twice to win the event.  In the first set it was Manny Chau pulling off the win 9-5, but the second set it was all Brett Stottlemyer with a 7-5 win and the 2010 Mezz Pro-Am Champion.

I would like to thank Mezz Cues for Sponsoring the Tour and Billiards Life, Black Boar, Dan DeCola Custom Cues, JAB Production, Run Out, Allen Hopkins Super Expo, RJH Custom Cues, Stealth Cues, Bullseye Security Systems, Inside Pool Magazine, AZ Billiards, Billiards Digest, NYC Grind.  I also would like to thank all the players that came out to play.