Strickland Endorses USA Pool League – Calling for a Pool “Revolution”

Earl Strickland
Earl “The Pearl” Strickland is one if not the most decorated U.S. player of his generation. Equally passionate about the sport, “the Pearl” and industry leader CueSports International (CSI) both agree it is time for a “revolution in pool” and that revolution is the USA Pool League (USAPL).

In his 27 years as a professional pool player Strickland’s record include 5 world championships, a record holding 5 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships, and participating on the U.S. Mosconi Cup Team an astounding 13 times. In the past several years Strickland has devoted much of his time to holding clinics and exhibitions, including from 2008 – 2010 as a member of Team CSI. For his extraordinary accomplishments Strickland was inducted in the BCA Hall of Fame in 2006. While a member of Team CSI, Strickland became more aware of the goals CSI has for the new USAPL.

Believing many of the issues commonly associated with national handicapped pool leagues should be addressed CSI launched the USAPL in late 2009. Some of the issues the USAPL is designed to tackle are “sandbagging” and the constricting policies of tight team handicap limits. Additionally, CSI believes all players should be allowed to enter national championships to test themselves should they choose and not rely on a pyramid of local and regional tournaments in order to be allowed to compete at the national level. This is a philosophy that “the Pearl” also believes – that all players should be allowed to play.

Strickland additionally endorses the USAPL because CSI set up the USAPL to give at least 50% of all monies collected back to the amateur league members on the local level and a sizable portion of CSI’s USAPL proceeds into developing more exposure and support of professional players. “The USAPL is a league that works on behalf of the players, not one where the players work for the league. CSI puts its money where its mouth is. This I can get behind”, said Strickland.

CSI is actively recruiting and screening prospective USAPL Managers. All USAPL Managers have free protected territories and use the LeagueSys online scoring and scheduling system. Currently there are active USAPL leagues in 11 U.S. states including: Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Alabama, Indiana, Oklahoma, Florida, Michigan, Colorado and Maryland with new leagues being organized and developed almost weekly all over the U.S.

CueSports International is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events such as the U.S. Bar Table Championships, the Jay Swanson Memorial and the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship. Visit, and for more information about CSI and its divisions.