Strickland wins Viking Championship

Earl 'The Pearl' Strickland

Earl Strickland has defeated Shawn Putnam 11-6 in the second set to win the Viking Cue Tour National Championship.

Strickland was undefeated until Sunday, when he lost 11-7 to Putnam for the hot-seat. Strickland bounced back with an 11-3 win over Marco Marquez on the one-loss side to earn the rematch with Putnam for the title.

It looked like Putnam would get the win in the first set of the finals when he made a ball on the break at 10-10 and had a relatively open table. His one-ball hung up in the side pocket though, and Strickland ran out the rack to force a second set in the finals.

The second set was close, but Strickland was able to win a couple safety exchanges and had more success with his break and won the match 11-6.

Strickland commented after the tournament, "It was really a fluke that the one-ball hung up on him like that. I played a little better in the second set. His break wasn't really working and that hurt him. He has such a strong break and you have to get by that to beat him. It is good to get a win right now to boost my confidence going into Mosconi Cup next month."

Strickland earned $5000 for the win, while Putnam settled for $3500. Marco Marquez and Chris Szuter filled out the top four positions.

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Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe

Complete Payouts:
1st Earl Strickland $5000
2nd Shawn Putnam $3500
3rd Marco Marquez $2500
4th Chris Szuter $2000
5th/6th Will Slone, Justin Daniels $1500
7th/8th Shannon Daulton, Marty Lawson $1000
9th/12th Danny Basavich, Gabe Owen, Robert Chaperon, Danny Medina $575
13th/16th Jose Parica, Fred Lane, Tony Mougey, Leil Gay $375
17th/24th Dan Anderson, Dee Adkins, Tony Watson, BJ Ussery, Ron Shepard, Shawn Miller, John Maki, Ronnie Martin $250
25th/32nd Mike Sardelli, Chris Bartrum, Ralph Carnes, Adam Smith, Tony Love, Larry Nevel, Ben Beckman, Chris Austin $150