Sudic Is In The Final

With an amazing performance, Robert Sudic makes it to the final match in 9-ball

Friday, 12 August 2011: Robert Sudic (CRO) terminated Antti Rantanen (FIN) with an amazing performance with 9:2.

It was a pretty one-sided match. The two reasons for that were that Rantanen made too many errors while Sudic played close to perfect. Having in mind that the senior players are in action here about a week, and having in mind that Sudic just overcame flu, his performance cannot be estimated high enough. He made his first mistake when he missed a shot in 4th rack. Though he made the mistake, Sudic was still able to win the rack and extend his lead to 4:0. Rantanen seemed to play only minor walk-ons in this match. He was able to open his account and win his first rack when the score was 6:0. Sudic pocketed the 8-ball and the cue ball scratched into the side pocket. After that, the Croatian continued with his one man show and made the score 8:1. In the 10th rack, Rantanen was able to break and run all balls, making the score 8:2. When Sudic broke the balls for the 11th rack, he made a ball on the break. Right after, he missed the 1-ball. Rantanen got to the table and played some shots. With the 4-ball still on the table, Rantanen was aiming at the 5-ball. He had obviously overseen the 4-ball. It is a proof of great sportsmanship when Sudic told him “play the four!”. The audience applauded for such great behaviour from Sudic. Rantanen pocketed the upcoming balls but left the 8-ball hanging over the pocket. That was the end for him in the 9-ball competition. Sudic won deservedly with 9:2.

In the other semi-final, defending Champion Henrique Correia (POR) ousted Jimmy Worung (NED) in a thriller match with 9:8.

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