Super Billiards Expo Underway

People have come from all parts of the world to attend the 14th Annual Super Billiards Expo in Valley Forge, PA.

Players anxiously awaited the practice tables as others watched on. Jason Kirkwood, from Grand Rapids, MI dominated the tables all night on the first night with such notables as Mike Roberts from Toronto Canada playing set after set with others.

All events have begun. The amateur events are in their first round while multiple rounds are complete in the pro 8-ball event.

Players still on the pro event winners side include Johnny Archer, Tony Robles, Richard Broumpton, Robb Saez, Corey Deuel, Ronnie Wiseman, Dennis Hatch, Rodney Morris, Ralf Souquet, Shannon Daulton, Joe Tucker and Charlie Williams.

Players taking early trips to the one loss side include Raj Hundal, Tommy Kennedy, Danny Basavich, Tony Crosby, Ike Runnels and Steve Lillis.

Look for further updates from Valley Forge on Friday.