Swanson Memorial Final Eight

Mitch Ellerman

As the day wears on at the Jay Swanson Memorial, the tournament seems to be moving a little faster as players are able to play back to back matches.

However, it's obvious that this pace has taken a toll on some of the players while others are catching a gear and playing like the champions they are. A valiant effort was made by 14 year old Brenden Crocket who finished 33rd-48th. Melissa Morris was the last woman standing and ended up finishing 33rd- 48th also.

There have been so many great matches today and they are continuing on. Mitch Ellerman and Max Eberle played on the Winner's side and what a great match that was with Mitch and his power break taking control of the match from the beginning. Max was able to come back to make the score 7-6 but Mitch got a shot in the 14th game and went on to win the set.

On the one loss side Oscar Dominguez dominated his match against Justin Bergman. Bergman couldn't get anything rolling and lost to Oscar 7-0.

Again Mitch was up against Louis Ulrich. Louis has played a stellar game throughout the entire tournament and the set against Mitch was no exception. In the beginning of the set Ulrich took over and made the score 4-2 but Mitch wouldn't lie down and came back and won 5 games in a row to make the score 7-4.  Ulrich clawed his way back to 7-7, but on the case game scratched on the 7 giving Ellerman the run out and ultimately the win. Now we are down to the last 8 players.  

33rd-48th prize $75.00

Elias Valles
Ray Tedrick
Josh Gomez
Jack Rippell
Chris Rose
Melissa Morris
Jerry Lin
Brendan Crockett
Jeff Meaux
Rick White
Mark Estes
Fred Jarvis
Don McClelland
Ray Walsh
Gus Briseno
Dane Elmstadt

25th- 32nd prize $100.00:

Sebastian Paraian-Zay
Stan Torangeau
Ray Lorenzo
Tyler Benton
Brian Parks
Bob Ohashi
Monte McConnell
Randy Paguio

17th- 24th prize $150.00

Wayne Pullen
Yifel Mei
Clayton Vann
Ron Rosas
Jaynard Orque
Bernardo Chavez
Tang Hoa
Skip Miller

13th- 16th prize $200.00

Justin Bergman
Scott Frost
Ramin Bakhtiari
Rafael Martinez

9th-12th prize $300.00

Ernesto Dominguez
Curtis Johnson
Ismael "Morro" Paez
Victor Castro