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Turning Stone Classic XXXIII – Bucky Souvanthong vs Chris Szuter

Pinegar wins second 2019 Bar Table title at Midwest Bar Table Classic in Indianapolis

Jonathan Pinegar

Orcollo takes top prize in 10-Ball Saturday Night Midnight Madness
In what has been something of a slow year for him, Jonathan Pinegar (the ‘artist’ formerly known as “Hennessee from Tennessee”) recently chalked up his second 2019 Bar Box title. In late March, Pinegar won the 32-entrant, Super Billiards Expo’s Pro Am Bar Box Championships and on the weekend of October 13-14, he went 7-1 through a field of 128 competing at the $7,500-added 39th annual Midwest Bar Table Classic, hosted by John Wayne’s Bar and Grill in Indianapolis, IN. He lost the opening set of a true double elimination final to runner-up Jason Klatt. Pinegar’s only other recorded earnings for the year stemmed from his participation in the 2019 Derby City Classic at which he finished in the money in three separate disciplines; 9-Ball (17th), One Pocket (21st) and 9-Ball Banks (91st).
As if a 128-player field wasn’t madness enough, the Midwest Bar Table Classic included a 10-Ball Saturday Night Midnight Madness tournament, which featured a single elimination ‘winner and runner-up take all’ format. It drew an extraordinarily short field of 10 entrants and lasted (no surprise) until 3 a.m., which might have had something to do with why the winner, Dennis Orcollo, finished in the eight-way tie for 17th place in the main event to take home $1,500. Tommy Stephenson was the $500 runner-up.
The main event saw a number of ‘marquee’ players eliminated earlier than anticipated (by themselves probably more than anybody). These included 2020 Mosconi Cup Team USA member, Billy Thorpe and the Midwest Bar Table Classic’s defending champion, Alex Olinger, both of whom shared in the four-way tie for 13th. Also out early (among others) were Dennis Hatch (25-32), Justin Bergman (17-24) and Shane McMinn (9/12).
Pinegar faced separate opponents in the hot seat and finals; one of them, having sent the other to the loss side. Josh Roberts sent Jason Klatt to the loss side in a winners’ side quarterfinal from where Klatt would launch a five-match winning streak that would earn him a shot against Pinegar in the finals. Roberts advanced to a winners’ side semifinal against Jordan Davis, as Pinegar squared off against Chris Szuter in the other one.
Pinegar downed Szuter 9-6, as Roberts was busy sending Davis to the loss side 9-5. Pinegar claimed the hot seat 9-5 over Roberts and waited on Klatt’s return.
Klatt opened his loss-side campaign with a victory over Can Salim, who’d been responsible for sending Dennis Orcollo to the loss side (Kevin Hall would eliminate Orcollo). Klatt then went on something of a ‘tear’ as he shut out his next two opponents; Robert Frost and (fresh from his loss to Pinegar) Szuter. Davis picked up and defeated John Morra 7-5; Morra having been responsible for eliminating Shane McMinn and Jeremy Seaman.
Klatt took the quarterfinal match over Davis 7-2 and then, in a match that came within a game of double hill, downed Roberts 7-5 in the semifinal.
Klatt and his sidekick, Momentum took the opening set of the true double elimination final 9-6. Pinegar came back to win the second set 7-4 and claim the Midwest Bar Table Classic title.
Event directors John Klotz and Miranda Babcock thanked John Wayne’s Bar & Grill owner Chuck Thomas and his staff for their hospitality, as well as sponsors Meucci Cues, Simonis Cloth and for the live streaming, BilliardNet.TV. The next Midwest Bar Table Classic has been scheduled for April 3-5, 2020.

Derby City Day Four

Francisco Bustamante

The One Pocket event at Derby City began Monday and there are a few surprises to report. Sharp-shooting Mike Dechaine was bested by Lance Cowles. Marc Vidal fell to Nicholas Hickerson and Dee Adkins went down under the weight of Justin Richardson. But the story thus far is not upsets, it is the number of players who are at the top of their game who ran into very tough matches early in the event.

Warren Kiamco had to fade Mark Tadd and won. Rob Saez defeated John Schmidt (who is running centuries at 14.1 every day). Ralf Souquet really hit a tough one but he pulled through against Francisco Bustamante. Efren Reyes got past Shannon Daulton and Rodney Morris survived his encounter with Stevie Moore. Huidje See beat Evgeny Stalev and Mike Dechaine handled Chris Szuter. Niels Feijen got past Alex Pagulayan in the first round as did Francisco Bustamante over Dennis Orcullo. These top-gun matchups will get more and more frequent as the chaff falls out of play.

The Fatboy Challenge Ten Ball competition kicks off at midnight on Tuesday night. What a field! Here are the first round matchups:

1) Huidje See V Mike Dechaine
2) Shane Van Boening V Francisco Bustamante
3) Lee Van Corteza V John Morra
4) Brandon  Shuff V Dennis Orcullo
5) Stevie Moore V Ralf Souquet
6) Warren Kiamco V Johnny Archer
7) Darren Appleton V Rodney Morris
8) Alex Pagulayan V Mika Immonen

We will give you the results of this competition on Wednesday. Full results on all competitions may be found at