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Chau and Eaton go undefeated to take Open/Ladies events at Clicks Billiards 9-Ball Open

Manny Chau

The Texas Tornado (Vivian Villareal), and Clicks Billiards in San Antonio combined to present a dual event on the weekend of November 1-2, that was billed as both the Texas Tornado Tournament and as Clicks 9-Ball Open. A $3,000-added Open event, won by Manny Chau, drew 64 entrants, while the $1,500-added Ladies event, won by Gail Eaton, drew 32. Villareal, herself, figured in both events. She challenged Eaton twice in the ladies event to claim the runner-up title, and finished in the tie for fifth place in the Open event. The Ladies event ran a little late, offering Villareal and Eaton the opportunity to see the sunrise over San Antonio on Monday morning.
Both events featured the same players battling in both the hot seat and finals. In the Open event, it was Manny Chau and Greg Hogue. In the Ladies tournament, it was Villareal and Eaton. 
In the Open event, Chau had sent Jeff Franklin to the losers' bracket 7-2 in one winners' side semifinal, while Hogue was busy sending Villareal over, 7-1, in the other. Chau claimed the hot seat 7-4 over Hogue and waited on his return.
Villareal picked up her second straight loss, 7-4, against C.J. Wiley, who'd survived a double hill fight versus Eric Aicenina and defeated Daniel Coffman 7-2 to reach her. Franklin drew "Hillbilly" (Charlie Bryant), who'd eliminated Chris Jowers and Ricardo Nixon, both 7-2, before Franklin eliminated him 7-5. 
Wiley gave up only a single rack in his quarterfinal victory over Franklin, and then fought tooth and nail against Hogue, who eventually prevailed in the semifinals. Chau allowed Hogue only a single rack in the opening set of the true double elimination final, claiming the event's Open title.
 In the Ladies' event, the hot seat match followed Villareal's 7-1 victory over Tricia Moses, and Eaton's 7-5 win over Sophie Lopez. Eaton took the hot seat 7-5 over Villareal and waited (a long, long time) for her return.
Lopez and Moses moved to the loss side and picked up their second straight loss immediately; Lopez falling to Ming Ng 7-2 and Moses being eliminated by Helen Hayes 7-5. Ng took the quarterfinal match against Hayes 7-2, and was then narrowly defeated, double hill, by Villareal in the semifinals. Eaton took the opening and only set needed in the finals 7-4 to claim the title.

Texas 9 Ball Open rounding up

Warren Kiamco

Skinny Bobs in Round Rock Texas, hosting the longest running tournament, is on its last day with Daniel Coffman vs Leroy Mathis, Warren Kiamco vs David Henson (who is on a serious hot streak ), Charlie Bryant (playing great and more relaxed than usual)  vs Sylver Ochoa, and Al Mason vs Shawn Putnam all on the winner’s side. Shawn Putnam is playing so well people are gathering just to watch him practice.
On the one loss side, Bernard Walker vs Bob Pyles, Travis Gunn vs Chip Compton who is also playing well, Joey Grey vs Adrian Lloyd – Grey currently ahead, Flip Edwards vs Kevin Guimond, Chris Baggett vs Dylan Weinheimer, Patrick Warren vs Ermin Bullard, and Shane Waltrip vs Jr. Jueco. 
On the ladies winner’s side, Gail Eaton vs Texas Tornado Vivian Villarreal & Kim Newsome vs Melissa Little. Both matches loaded with talent and could very easily be a repeat in the finals. Kim Newsome playing very strong, some opponents not even winning a single game during the matches. However, Melissa Little is very focused and playing strong as well so this should be an interesting matchup. We’ll keep you posted as the claws come out. 
On the one loss side, Kim Sanders Sanders who is playing more confident than previous years, will face  Nicole McDaniel. Both young ladies are from the Austin area and call Skinny Bobs Billiards home. Kimmy Nguyen who has been working hard on her game for the past few years, will place her highest in this event win or lose as she moves on to face Kim Margenau. Nice work Kim! Kim Pierce vs Belinda Calhoun will be entertaining. Having Belinda back in town each year is a special treat as she now resides in South Carolina. Michelle Cortez is currently waiting on the winner of Natalie Mans vs Sheri Palma. All this talent wrapped up in a well maintained pool hall as Skinny Bobs take pride in the up keep of the equipment. The atmosphere is more like a family reunion with action on the side. If you’re in the area, swing on by, we’d love to see you.
Open Division Brackets | Ladies Division Brackets

Texas 9-Ball Open

Texas Tornado Vivian Villarreal causing a storm in Round Rock Texas holding down the hot seat. Meanwhile Kim Newsome is waiting on the winner of Michelle Cortez vs Gail Eaton. Hometown hero Kim Sanders placed 5/6th showing her extra time in practice is time well spent. 
The showdown between Warren Kiamco vs Charlie Bryant is about to kick off. Charlie Bryant is playing a little faster and calmer than previous years and it has paid off as he is still on the winners side. Warren Kiamco is playing dead lock safeties against his opponents with barely enough room to breathe and when he’s not doing that, he’s just running racks. 
On the one loss side, Coffman defeats Mathis 9-8 and was then sent to the one loss side by Warren Kiamco. Chip Compton had to face road partner Joey Grey. Even though they don’t want to face each other, the match is always a big crowd pleaser and heartfelt by everyone to see two close friends battle it out, but there has to be a winner and Chip was victorious 9-4.   Joey Grey and Shawn Putnam placed a respectable 7/8th. Chip Compton is currently waiting on the winner of Sylver Ochoa vs Daniel Coffman

Jason Pearce Punishes All On The Tiger Amateur Tour

Jason Pearce and Leon Contreras

The Tiger Amateur Tour held stop #11 of the season the weekend of November 5/6th at the home of the Houston Open, Legends Billiards. We had a great showing for the main event with 81 players showing up to do battle, and what a battle it was. This event had $1,000 added, $750 to the main event, and $250 to the Second Chance Event.

So with 81 players we played down to the final 16 players whom all made the cash. We brought back 8 on the winners side for Sunday and their matches with scores are as follows. Ricky Hughes knocked Jerry Avery to the one loss side 9-4, Manuel Ayala bested Victor Rojas 9-5, Jason Pearce squeaked by Sonny Demetro 9-7, and Leon Contreras got by Jake Pallando 9-4. This set up the final 4 of the winners side and it saw Leon run thru Jason P. 9-4, while at the same time Manuel was roasted Ricky 9-5. The hot seat match pitted Manuel against Leon, and they battled close up to 6-6, then Leon edged away for a 9-6 victory and king of the winners side.

The one loss side round of 16 saw Ishmael Ramirez get by Daniel Coffman 9-6, Will Felder ousted Jerald Jackson 9-4, Jason Bacon 9-4 over Kenny Price, and Grady Cooper sent Roman Bayda home 9-4.

The round of 12 saw Jerry get by Ismael 9-8 in a thriller, Victor sent Will packing 9-6, Sonny got by Grady 9-6, and Jake bested Jason B. in another hill hill thriller 9-8.

The round of 8 saw Jerry concede midway thru the match with Victor due to fatigue, Jerry is pushing 70 and had a great run in this event. Also Sonny got by Jake by a score of 9-7.

The round of 6 matched Jason Pearce up with Victor Rojas, and Jason got the win by a score of 9-5. On the other side of the bracket Sonny took care of Ricky “The Rocket”Hughes 9-7.

This set up the final 4 and on the one loss side Jason P. squared off with Sonny D. once again, like earlier in the event Jason got by Sonny 9-7.

The one loss side final was now set, it was Jason Pearce against Manuel Ayala, this match was close all the way thru, in the end Jason got the nod 9-7.

The Finals: The Tiger Amateur Tour was going to produce yet another first time winner on the tour, Leon Contreras won the hot seat earlier and was eagerly awaiting for his chance at the title. His opponent would be none other than Jason Pearce, a player Leon had sent to the one loss side earlier in the event. But this time would be different as Jason shot spectacular and double dipped Leon by scores of 9-6, then 9-4 to take the title and nearly $2,400 for 1st. Congrats to both players for their first appearance in the Tiger Amateur Tours Finals.

The Second Chance Event had 17 players enter with $250 added to it. At the end of the event Forest Boyd from Dallas had won his 2nd Second Chance Event in a row on the tour. He took home $240, Danny Lee got 2nd ($180), Lee Brown 3rd ($120) and David Parker 4th ($60).

** Also on a side note the Tiger Amateur Tour would like to congratulate tour regular Ernesto Bayaua whom could not attend this event as he qualified for the U.S. Amateur Event held in Florida, and he did more than qualify as he snapped it off, he had a lot of support at this Legends tourney as there was plenty of us sweating the stream and rooting him in. Congrats again.

We at the Tiger Amateur Tour would like to think Mindy and Craig Cohen for allowing us to hold an event at their room.

We would also like to thank all of our sponsors Tiger Products, Htownbilliards, Mueller Recreational Products, Jay Helfert, Dreamline Promotions, and Mark Griffin of CSI.

The Season Finale is the next event, it will have $3,000 added and be held at Deep Pockets Billiards in Alvin,Tx. December 2-4th . Players that have qualified for this have until November 18th to pre register, after that date the field will be opened to players whom have played once during the year, at which point it will fill fast, so don’t try and wait cause you will be left out.

For more info you can visit the tour website at