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Evening Provides Late Night Theatrics at CSI Michigan Open

Konrad Juszczyszyn

Three weeks ago, Estonia’s Denis Grabe pitched a 4-0 shutout in first set of the semifinals of the Diamond Las Vegas Open only to lose out to Wu Kun-Lin in a sudden death shootout.

Playing in the second round of the Michigan Open Wednesday night, history basically repeated itself against Poland’s Konrad Juszczyszyn. Grabe breezed through the first set, narrowly lost the second, then watched the match slip away in a sudden death shootout, as Juszczyszyn came from behind to stay on the winner’s side four-day event being held at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek.

After receiving a bye in the opening round, Grabe used some stellar shot making and safety play to jump out to an early 2-0 lead. Juszczyszyn had an opportunity to cut the deficit to 2-1 but missed a 3 ball, allowing his opponent to tack on another rack. The upcoming young star from Poland secured the fourth game after Grabe left an opening on a safety, but the Estonian closed out the set, 4-1, after another victorious safety exchange.

Juszczyszyn, who opened the tournament with a first round victory against Russia’s Ruslan Chinahov, was far from finished, jumping out to a 3-1 lead in the next set thanks to sound safety play of his own paired with an unforced error by his opponent. Grabe cut the lead to 3-2 and tied the match at three games each thanks to – what else? – a victorious safety battle. Looking to win the set and avoid a shootout, Grabe failed to pocket a ball on the break, allowing Juszczyszyn to punch the 1 ball into the corner pocket and execute a combination shot on the 10 ball to win the set and force sudden death.

Grabe struggled in the shootout, missing the spot shots on his second and third attempt, while Juszczyszyn pocketed three out of four balls to secure the win.

Grabe now moves to the one-loss side of the bracket, where he will meet Sharik Sayed Thursday morning.

Later in the evening, Spain’s Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz narrowly avoided a shootout against Daniel Schneider, winning in straight sets, 4-0, 4-3.

Despite failing to pocket a ball on the break three times in the opening set, the Spaniard was able to take advantage of a handful of missed shots from his opponent along with a break-and-run of his own to secure the victory. Things appeared to be secure for Sanchez-Ruiz in the second as he built a 3-1 lead, but gave up back-to-back racks to Schneider after he misplayed a safety then missed the 4 ball in the side pocket in the sixth game. When Sanchez-Ruiz misplayed a safety on the 1 ball in the deciding rack a shootout seemed imminent, but Schneider missed the object ball in the corner pocket. The Spaniard cleared the table, winning the match and escaping a trip to the loser’s side of the bracket.

In other matches from the day, United States Open Pool Championship runner-up Aloysius Yapp defeated Warren Kiamco in straight sets, 4-1, 4-0, and World Pool Masters champion Alex Kazakis blanked Mohammad Ali Berjaoui, 4-0, 4-2. World 10-Ball champion Eklent Kaci also defeated Russia’s Kristina Tkach, 4-0, 4-1.

Competition resumes Thursday, with live matches being broadcast on Billiard TV as well as WorldBilliardTV’s YouTube page beginning at noon eastern time. Notable matches include Russia’s Fedor Gorst taking on Kaci and Canada’s John Morra matching up against Poland’s Oliver Szolnoki at noon as well as American Tyler Styer meeting Austria’s Mario He at 5 p.m.

This event also is the third stop of the U.S. Pro Billiard Series, which features five open professional events between July and the end of the year. Created by Predator Group and amateur league operator CueSports International, these tournaments will run in tandem alongside of CSI league amateur events being held throughout the country. The winner of each competition receives a guaranteed spot in the $125,000-added 2022 Predator World 10-Ball Championship, which will be held March 28 through April 1 in Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

This competition is played on Predator Pro pool tables covered with Predator Arcadia performance cloth, with Predator Arcos II precision balls, and under the Predator Arena billiard lights.

For more information on the U.S. Pro Billiard Series or amateur leagues, visit

For the latest information on the Predator Pro Billiard Series action, follow @ProBilliardSeries on Facebook and Instagram. For Live broadcasting watch   or follow WorldBilliardTV on YouTube for replays.

Turning Stone Classic XXXIII – Frankie Hernandez vs Daniel Schneider

Turning Stone Classic XXXIII Ready to Begin

The Turning Stone Classic XXXIII is ready to get underway at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Verona, NY. 
While the usual suspects of Jayson Shaw, Shane Van Boening, Earl Strickland, Billy Thorpe, Jeremy Sossei, John Morra and Johnny Archer are in attendance, there is also a great field of new faces for the fans in Verona to watch. Such notables as James Aranas, Alex Kazakis, Mieszko Fortunski, Konrad Juszczyszyn and Daniel Schneider. As always, the ladies are represented with Jennifer Barretta looking to follow up her second place finish in Canada with a strong tournament here. Barretta is joined by such notables as Jia Li, Caroline Pao, Cristina Scheider, Veronique Menard, Amy Yu and Erin Bechner.
Brackets are drawn and matches are scheduled to kick off at 4pm Eastern Time. Upstate Al is streaming select matches for free all week, and we are again providing online brackets and real time scoring for the event. 

Zlateva Goes Undefeated in Switzerland

Kristina Zlateva

Bern, the capitol city of Switzerland, hosted the Mezz Women’s Swiss Open, the country’s largest women’s tournament of 2016. The women’s pool scene in Switzerland has been steadily dwindling over the past years and the Swiss Championship qualifying tournaments reached very low numbers in the 2015 season. Tournament organizers, Cristina Tschudi and Daniel Schneider, wanted to hold an event that would inject some life into women’s pool in this region and raise the level of competition. 
With 58 players representing 11 different nationalities, the tournament featured a star-studded field with multiple Swiss and European medal holders. This two-day 9-Ball event paid a prize fund of 5200 CHF and over 3000 CHF in additional prizes including products donated by Turtle Rack, Zan Tips, Shot Pad and the event organizers. In addition to the main event and the men’s side event, players competed in one-on-one shoot outs and break and run contests to win the additional prizes like Swarovski jewelry sets and pool equipment. 
Day one had many close matches and tough competition. Top European players came out strong on day one with Kristina Zlateva (Bulgaria), Claudia Von Rohr (Switzerland), Pia Blaeser (Germany) and Veronika Ivanovskaia (Germany) advancing to day two on the winners side. Other notable results were Swiss players, Noc Steiner and Franziska Jakob, who placed 9th which is their highest finish in a large international women’s event. The four local favorites, Christine Feldmann, Yini Gaspar, Claudia Von Rohr and Cristina Tschudi, did not disappoint as all four advanced to day two and the final 8. 
On day two, Zlateva squeaked past Swiss Champion, Yini Gaspar, with a 7-6 win in the first round sending Gaspar to the one loss side. Gaspar made a good run eliminating the other Swiss Champion, Von Rohr in another hill-hill match but the junior German sensation, Blaeser, was too much for her in the next match and Gaspar went out in 5th place. Blaeser faced her road partner, Ivanovskaia, in the first round of the final 8 and lost with a score of 4-7.  Blaeser then won over Gaspar but would have to settle for 3rd place as Zlateva ousted her with a decisive 7-1 win in the semifinals. Also finishing in 3rd place was American 8-Ball Champion Cristina Tschudi who lost in the first round of the final 8 to Pia Blaeser but fought her way back with 7-3 and 7-5 wins over Christine Feldmann and Yvonne Ullmann.
Zlateva dominated throughout the weekend losing only 15 games in the entire race to 7 tournament. She steadily ran through the winners’ bracket going undefeated to eventually win the tournament with a dominant 7-3 win in the finals. Also reaching the finals was Veronika Ivanovskaia with wins over Feldmann, Blaeser, and Tschudi. The 22 year old Bulgarian, Zlateva traveled from her home in Madrid, Spain to capture this title. Congratulations to her on this impressive win.
Thank you to the sponsors:
Mezz Cues 
Zan Tips www.zan-tip-com 
Turtle Rack
Iwan Simonis 
Omega Billiards 
Winners Pool Billard Club 
Billiard Sport Club Bümpliz 

Poison Cues Sponsors Juinor Training Program in Switzerland

Through the Poison Cues brand, the Predator Group is sponsoring the Billard Sport-Club Bümpliz (BSCB) Junior Training Program for the 2014-2015 season. BSCB runs the largest junior training program in Switzerland which has a great track record for grooming up and coming talent. The current members range from 8-18 years old with several sibling duos. 
BSCB conducts weekly trainings, led by former Bronze Medalist from the 2013 World 9 Ball Championships, Daniel Schneider. Schneider started in the BSCB Junior Training Program when he was 11 years old along with his younger brother, Michael Schneider. Daniel went on to win multiple Junior and Men’s Swiss Championships while he was a Junior. Younger brother, Michael , is on pace to make just as big of an impact on the pool community in Europe. In 2014 Michael medaled in every discipline of the Men’s division of the Swiss Championships (2 Gold & 2 Silver medals) at only 15 years old. Other notable players from the BSCB training program include the 2014 Swiss Junior 8-Ball Champion, Yannis Bätscher, and newbie Elias Kübli who recently began earning points for the national rankings.
“We are very thankful to have the support of Poison Cues. Predator has a great reputation in the pool world in Europe and the enthusiasm of the juniors has definitely been raised with the new sponsorship,” remarked Daniel Schneider. “We’ve implemented a new training system with Poison Cues as the prizes.  This has given them a new level of excitement to reach their training goals. We have players of all levels so we set individual goals and trainings based on each player’s individual pace and motivation.”
For more information about Billard Sport-Club Bümpliz visit the website at or click here for more information about the BSCB Junior Training Program. 

Mason and Shaw win Amateur, Open/Pro events on Predator Tour

Jayson Shaw

Jayson Shaw and Ron Mason went undefeated in their respective appearances on the Predator Tour's Open/Pro and Amateur events on the weekend of November 1-2. The $1,000-added events ($500 each) drew 37 amateurs and eight Open/Pro players to Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ.
Mason got into the hot seat of the Amateur event by virtue of a forfeit. He'd survived a double hill, winners' side semifinal fight against Chickie Romero, and was preparing to face Koka Davladze, who'd sent Juan Guzman to the losers' bracket 7-2. Davladze, though, arrived some 20 minutes late to the hot seat match, and was, by rule, forced to forfeit the match to Mason.
Moving to the loss side, Guzman picked up the youngster, Thomas Rice, who'd defeated Brooke Meyer and Daniel Schneider, both 7-4, to reach him. Romero drew Julie Ha, who'd gotten by Eddie Perez 7-5 and Jaydev Zaveri 7-3. Rice defeated Guzman 7-5, and in the quarterfinals, faced Romero, who'd eliminated Ha 7-3.
Romero defeated Rice 7-5, and turned to face a this-time, on-time Koka Davladze in the semifinals. Davladze got what should have been his second, but was actually only his first shot against Mason with a 7-5 win over Romero. The final match came within a game of being extended to 10 games, but Mason reached eight first to complete his undefeated run.
Jayson Shaw got by Predator Tour Director Tony Robles twice to capture the Open/Pro title. After battling to double hill against Hunter Lombardo in a winners' side semifinal, as Robles was busy sending Juan Guzman west 7-1, Shaw shut Robles out in the hot seat match.
On the loss side, Lombardo ran into Spanky Kava, who'd shut out Chris Hogan to reach him. Guzman drew Kevin Guimond, who'd eliminatEd Scott Simonetti 7-5. Lombardo gave up only a single rack against Kava, and in the quarterfinals, faced Guimond, who'd given up only two defeating Guzman.
Lombardo gave up another single rack in the quarterfinals, which ended Guimond's day and then faced Robles, who gave him a much more significant challenge. They battled to double hill, before Robles prevailed to earn the second shot against Shaw.
It started out well for Robles, with two break-and-run racks. As the balls scattered across the table during the break of the third rack, one of them kicked the cue ball in. Shaw stepped to the table, completed that rack and then ran four more to take a 5-2 lead. Robles narrowed the lead to two, but Shaw responded to reach the hill at 6-3. Robles fought back and won three to force a deciding game. He broke, and was looking at a decent table to run out. He was, he said "a little off, shooting at the 3-ball," and the cue ball took one of those all-too-common bounces off the corner of one side pocket, and landed in the other side pocket. Shaw picked it up and finished the rack to claim the Open/Pro title.

WPA World 9-Ball Championships – Juniors & Wheelchair

Girls Defending Champ Kamila Khodajeva – Belgium

Gold Reef City Casino & Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa


Upsets already when the two defending champions in the girls division and wheelchair division were defeated in their opening matches.

Wheelchair division:
Defending champion Henrik Larsson of Sweden lost 5/7 to Kurt Deklerck of Germany after an intense battle. These two have played many times and the contest is always close, so the win was certainly no surprise.

Three-time world champion Jouni Tähti of Finland started with a solid 7/4 win over Britain’s Matt Duffy. Another impressive start was Austria’s Emil Schranz winning 7/2 over Johnny Holland of the USA, and also Roy Kimberley of Great Britain, defeating South Africa’s Rian Janse van Rensburg 7/0

Girl’s division:
Defending champion Kamila Khodajeva of Belgium looked all set for an easy victory when she was cruising 5/1 ahead, but then the wheels fell off. Her opponent April Larson of the USA took full advantage of the sudden loss of form by the defending champ and rallied with an impressive comeback to win the next five racks and claim victory 6/5.

Another player who looked very strong and competent was Taiwanese player Zhi Ting Wu, winning her match 6/0.

Iranian player Elmira Karoubi kept her hopes alive when she won her match tonight 6/0 over Kira Koegelenberg of South Africa. Elmira lost her opening match this morning 2/6 against rising polish star, Kateryna Polovinchuk.

Japan, just like Taiwan, certainly knows how to produce outstanding junior players and Yuki Hiraguchi is no exception winning her first match 6/0 over Anika Malan of South Africa.

Boy’s Division:
Some impressive performances today with the boys, particularly by Ping Chung Ko of Taiwan with a number of break and run-outs. He was always in control of his match and won comfortably 8/1 over South African Rewan Kruger. Daniel Tångudd of Sweden also looked strong with an 8/2 win over Janiro Chatlein of Bonaire.

The match between USA’s Tyler Styer and Switzerland’s Daniel Schneider turned out to be a real nail biter. After Schneider had done all the hard work and on a run-out in the deciding rack, he came up a bit short with his positional play on the 8 ball making it difficult to get an easy shot at the 9 ball. He pocketed the 8 ball, but the cue ball found the side pocket which left Styer with ball in hand, and a simple shot on the winning 9-Ball.

In the evening matches from the loser’s side, all winners were impressive. Charles Gulmont of Canada defeated Joey Bourgeois Jr.of the USA 8/3, Alexnder Tapiquen of Venezuela proved too strong for South Africa’s Donovan Lipale 8/2, Mohammed Al-Ali of Qatar kept his hopes alive with a strong 8/3 win over South African Clinton Nair, and another nail biter to end the evening with Ignacio Block being victorious over Janiro Chatlein 8/7.

Live-scoring, live-streaming and results can all be found on

Daniel Schneider Ends Muratovic’s Journey in the Semi-Final

Daniel Schneider (SUI)

First Medal for young Bosnian Federation

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina: Daniel Schneider (SUI) defeated Alen Muratovic (BIH) in a one-man show with 8:1 in the semi-finals of the junior's division 9-ball.


Muratovic was the darling of the crowd. He obtained a medal for his home nation for the first time in history, That burden obviously rested hard on his shoulders. He could not get into his game as he used to in earlier rounds. On the other hand, Schneider played solid pool with few mistakes. When he missed shots, the position for Muratovic very often was not good. All these factors lead to the match becoming pretty much a one-man-show for Schneider. In the second semi-final of the junior's division, Andrey Seroshtan (RUS) ousted Tobias Bongers (GER) with 8:6.


The pupil's final will be played between Raphael Wahl (GER) and Jan Van Lierop (NED). Wahl eliminated Cyriel Ledoux (NED) with 7:1 while van Lierop just made it over Can Salim-Giasar (GER) with 7:6.


In the girls division, the final match will be played between Kateryna Polovinchuk (UKR) and Sabrina Hammer (GER). Hammer terminated her teammate Veronika Ivanovskaia 6:3 while Polovinchuk ended Kristina Tkach's (RUS) hopes for a set in the final with 6:4.


The final matches will begin at 12:15 CET


You can follow all the action LIVE on 20 tables at .


The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website or contact our press office.

Mehmetcik powers past Ferreira

Berk Mehmetcik (TNC)

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina: Berk Mehmetcik (TNC), formerly a "dark horse" but nowadays one of the favored players, just defeated Kevin Ferreira (LUX) with 100:64.

Mehmetcik was definitely favored. Ferreira gave him a tough fight in the early stage of the match and did not allow Mehmetcik to get away. When the score was 53:45 for Mehmetcik, he carried the ball and made his high run of the match with 27 points in order to get an 80:45 lead over Ferreira. The defense line of the youngster from Luxembourg seemed to be broken. He could not get back into action and fell to the sharp blade of the shooter from North Cyprus with 100:64. It took Mehmetcik 16 innings to oust his opponent from the round of the last 32 players in junior's straight pool.
Other notable results include Daniel Schneider (SUI) continuing his quest for glory with a victory over Haris Amini (NOR), 100:42. Earlier, Krystian Cwikla (POL) managed to defeat the defending Champion in the pupil's division, Raphael Wahl (GER) with 75:39. Daniel G.ttenberger (AUT) remained victorious over Sandro Kupper (SUI) with 75:20. The pupils are still in the double elimination stage of their 14/1 tournament while the juniors are already in the single elimination.
The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website or contact our press office.


Muratovic outplays Huttunen

Alen Muratovic (BIH)

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina: With a close 100:90 victory in the first straight pool round, Alen Muratovic (BIH) outplayed his opponent Jesse Waltteri Huttunen (FIN).

The match between the two juniors started quite leveled. Huttunen cleared the first rack, then missed the break shot and gave the table to Muratovic. The local hero also cleared a rack and then got Huttunen into a safety battle. Both players played some safety shots. It was Huttunen who got a shot first. He went ahead with 23:16 before he allowed Muratovic back to the table. The safety exchange seemed to have taken the accuracy from both players a bit away. Or maybe they just showed some nerves… However, the tension rose and the two contestants argued about the score instead of keeping focussed on their performance. That did not necessarily help either of them. Consequently, no player could manage to gain any substantial advantage over his opponent and the match remained very tight. It was again Huttunen to reach out for the finish line first by gaining an 81:57 over Muratovic. That really put some pressure on the young Bosnian. He took a time-out and tried to regain some focus. It seemed to have worked since he fired a break ball in, opening up the cluster, ready for the fight to win this match. He had several chances but missed shots during important phases. Huttunen was not able though to benefit from that. Instead, he also missed shots and returned the favors he got from Muratovic instead of punishing him. At 85:69 for Huttunen, Muratovic missed an easy shot and left an open table for Huttunen. The Finish youngster could again not capitalize from it and straight away returned the table to Muratovic. At this stage of the match, it turned out that probably the player with the better nerves would leave the table as the winner. At 89:89, Huttunen scratched and left Muratovic an open table with ball in hand. That was everything Alen Muratovic needed… one would have thought. But at 95:89, Muratovic missed and allowed Huttunen back in the match. But one single ball was everything Huttunen was able to come up with. His resistance was broken. Muratovic finished the remaining balls and deservedly won the match with 100:90.
The defending Champions were not in action yet. Finn Eschment (GER), last year's junior's straight pool Champion, reached the age limit and cannot defend his title this year. Raphael Wahl (GER), defending straight pool Champion in the pupil's division, will join the action after this current round at 13:00 CET. The juniors play race to 100 points, the pupils race to 75 points in their matches.
Other notable results from the early rounds include last year's 9th ranked player Andrey Seroshtan (RUS) sending his teammate Stanislav Sokolow to the loser's side with 100:59. In the next round, Daniel Schneider (SUI) finished Seroshtan with 100:20 in four innings. 
The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website or contact our press office.