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Jerry Briesath and Dennis Orcollo Elected to Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame

The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Hall of Fame will welcome a world champion and one of the game’s most revered teachers to the Hall of Fame Class of 2022. The United States Billiard Media Association (USBMA) today announced that Filipino star Dennis Orcollo and legendary instructor Jerry Briesath have earned induction into the sport’s most prestigious club.

Orcollo, 43, was the clear choice of voters in the Greatest Players category and will be the fourth player representing the Philippines to be inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame, joining Pinoy legends Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante and Jose Parica.

Briesath, 85, was a unanimous selection in the Meritorious Service category. The longtime and legendary instructor is considered the father of formal billiard instruction in America, having helped develop and guide the program from concept to its current roster of more than 300 professional instructors across the globe.

Orcollo and Briesath will formally be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Friday, Nov. 4, at the Norfolk Sheraton Waterside Hotel in Norfolk, Va., in conjunction with the 2022 International Open pool tournament.

“Wow!” Orcollo said from his home in the Philippines, where he is awaiting a meeting with U.S. Immigration authorities to petition his return to action in U.S. tournaments. “I never really thought I would be in the Hall of Fame. This is a great award.

“I’m not Efren Reyes,” he laughed. “He is one of the greatest ever. I don’t think of myself that way, so I never really thought about it.”

For Briesath, an active pro player in the 1960’s and ’70s, the award is validation of years of service to players and the sport.

“This is just super,” Briesath said. “The Hall of Fame is about having the admiration of people in the sport and in the industry for what you’ve done. I’ve been to almost all of the Hall of Fame banquets and it was always wonderful to see great players and good people get recognized.”

A longtime poolroom owner in Madison, Wis., Briesath helped launch the BCA Certified Instructor Program (now known as the Professional Billiard Instructors Association) in 1992 and the BCA Summer Youth Cue Camps in 1993. He was awarded the BCA President’s Award in 1997 for his ongoing efforts to improve how players learn to play. He later helped create the BCA “How to Play Pool Right” book and video.

In addition to claiming the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) World 8-Ball Championship in 2011, Orcollo (known in pool circles as “Robocop”) won the BCA Open 9-Ball Championship (2007), Qatar World Open (2008), World Pool Masters (2010), and the China Open (2012).  He has been a dominant force at the annual Derby City Classic, winning the 9-Ball division twice (2011, 2017), the Banks division twice (2014, 2020), and the Master of the Table crown twice (2017, 2020). He holds major titles in 8-ball, 9-ball, straight pool, 10-ball, one-pocket and banks.

Voting for the 2022 BCA Hall of Fame was conducted by the USBMA Hall of Fame Board, which consists of USBMA members, elected At-Large members and living members of the Hall of Fame. In his third year on the ballot, Orcollo was named on 34 submitted ballots (80%). Holland’s Niels Feijen was named on 25 ballots (60%), while American Corey Deuel was named on 15 ballots (39%). Jeremy Jones, JoAnn Mason-Parker, John Schmidt, Vivian Villarreal and Charlie Williams completed the 2022 ballot. To be eligible for consideration in the Greatest Players category, a player (a) must be 40 years old by Jan. 1 of the year of their inclusion on the ballot; (b) must have a professional playing career of at least 10 years; and (c) must have recorded significant achievements in U.S.-based and international events recognized by the BCA.

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Gorst goes undefeated to claim 1st Annual Hannah Choi Memorial Title

Fedor Gorst, Shane Wolford, Kristina Tkach, Paul Oh and room owner Anthony Luong

There are times when words are insufficient to the task that they have been set out on a page to perform. So it is with reporting on the B & L Billiard Tournaments’ 1st Annual Hannah Choi Memorial, a $10,000-added event that drew 64 entrants to First Break Sports Bar in Sterling, VA last weekend (June 11-12). Spearheaded by a trio of Hannah Choi’s close friends – Paul Oh, Kristina Tkach and Fedor Gorst – the memorial was organized to commemorate Choi, who went missing from her home in early March and was discovered dead in a Maryland park weeks later. The person currently being sought in connection with her death, classified as murder, has still not been apprehended. 

Choi was an active player at Street Light Billiard Academy in Alexandria, VA, where Tkach, Gorst, Ruslan Chinakhov and other members of “Roy’s Basement,” along with players like Shane Van Boening, Efren Reyes and Nick Varner would gather along with Academy members, offering clinics, challenge matches and exhibitions.

“Hannah became Kristina’s handler, like a family member,” said Oh. “Hannah wasn’t like a professional player, although she was an APA 6, and she became close to Kristina. She was probably Kristina’s closest friend, lived with her whenever she was in-country.”

As a loosely-organized group engaged in the Virginia (and surrounding areas) pool community, the players would discuss any number of things around meals, table practice and tournaments. On more than one occasion, Choi had mentioned to the group the idea of organizing a Virginia-based ProAm tournament, which, for a variety of different reasons, had never really advanced beyond casual talk about it being a good idea.

“We’d had conversations about it,” said Oh, “wanting to hold a tournament in the area, so when Hannah passed, it was a no-brainer.”

Oh reached out to B&L Billiard Tournaments, in the persons of Brian Kilgore and Lai Li, within a matter of days after Choi’s passing. In less than three months, the circle of friends that had known Choi personally, organized the 1st Annual event that would bear her name.

“It meant a lot to Paul, Fedor and Kristina, who was her best friend,” said Kilgore. “Kristina talked to the players (at length) before the tournament began, telling them all of the things that Hannah Choi had done for her.”

Kilgore and the 64-entrant field were all on-hand to hear Tkach’s impassioned words. In retrospect, Kilgore regretted that the moments had not been recorded. Tkach did, though, write about Choi’s passing in an on-line post.

“I didn’t lose my best friend,” she wrote. “No…I lost so much more than that. I lost my soulmate, my partner, life mentor, my whole world.”

“But you didn’t leave me, right?” she went on to ask. “No, it just can’t be… you are somewhere here now, by my side, kindly looking at me, smiling, listening to me just like you always did.”

Tkach continued, eventually confronting the chasm of grief that lay before her; “the pain that doesn’t go away no matter what you do, eating you up from inside.

“But I can’t give up,” she added. “I have to keep grinding, growing and trying to be the best I can possibly be, because that’s what you would want me to do. I promise you will be proud of me.”

At the risk of presumption, one can only imagine that Hannah Choi would have accepted the need and impetus to discuss her passing and the memorial tournament arranged on her behalf, and then, expected all of us to proceed; “grinding, growing, trying to be the best that we can possibly be because that’s what (she) would want us to do.”

The 64-entrant, double elimination bracket that opened the proceedings had a proverbial ‘boat load’ of pool talent on board, including the very people responsible for the tournament’s existence; Paul Oh, Kristina Tkach and Fedor Gorst. Two of those three (Tkach and Gorst) would advance to the single elimination phase of the event and Gorst would win it. Things were set up through the event semifinals for Tkach and Gorst to square off in the final match, but Shane Wolford stepped in and left Tkach in the tie for 3rd place.

In one of the more entertaining matches of the event, Gorst opened up the double-elimination phase against junior competitor, Joey Tate. Live-streamed (as were selected matches throughout the weekend) by Omega Billiards, Tate encountered some early issues, arguably brought on by an initial concern that he might not make it to the event at all. He’d called Brian Kilgore to relate some ‘timing’ issues and assured him that though he was running late, he would be there in time. He made it on-time, by a matter of minutes and found himself facing Gorst in his opening round.

In the early going, Tate missed some ‘9’s and ‘10’s and found himself in a 3-1 hole after four. But he fought back to be within a single game at 6-5. Gorst prevailed and Tate would go on to lose his first loss-side match. 

Gorst advanced and ran into an immediate double hill battle against Atlantic Coast veteran Steve Fleming. He survived that battle as well, and then shut out Kevin West to become one of the eight winners’ side competitors advancing to single elimination. He was joined by fellow ‘winners’ side’ competitors Warren Kiamco, Greg McAndrews, Manny Chau, Roberto Gomez, Shane Wolford, Brandon Shuff and Chris Hansen. From the loss side, Rafael Reyes, Danny Mastermaker, Deo Alpajora, Kevin West, Dylan Spohr, BJ Ussery, Jr., Mhet Vergara and Kristina Tkach advanced to the final 16. Tkach, sent to the loss side by Manny Chau, had worked her way through William Moon, Lukas Fracasso-Verner and Roger Halder to join the loss-side’s group in the final 16.

Tkach got by Roberto Gomez in the opening round of single elimination and in the quarterfinals, drew Kevin West, who’d eliminated Chris Hansen. Gorst defeated Mhet Vergara and picked up Manny Chau, who’d sent Greg McAndrews home. Wolford, in the meantime, had knocked out Brandon Shuff and faced BJ Ussery, who’d defeated Rafael Reyes to reach him. Kiamco got by Deo Alpajora in the single-elimination opening round and squared off against Dylan Spohr, who’d ended Danny Mastermaker’s run.

Tkach downed West 9-7 and in the semifinals, drew Wolford, who’d defeated Ussery 9-7. Gorst eliminated Chau 9-4 and picked up Kiamco, who’d defeated Spohr 9-4. 

Wolford put an end to speculation and hopes for two of Hanna Choi’s best friends to meet in the finals with a 9-6 win over Tkach. Gorst downed Kiamco 9-5. In the extended race-to-9, Gorst and Wolford came within a game of double hill. Gorst pulled out in front in the end to win by two, 11-9. 

The 1st Annual Hannah Choi Memorial was in the books, with Gorst and Tkach proud to have played their part in making it a success. Paul Oh, though less than pleased with his finish ‘out of the money,’ as it were, was pleased at how well the entire affair had been arranged and executed, as was Brian Kilgore.

“It’s amazing to me how it turned out,” said Oh, noting that it was a combined effort on the part of the group of friends around Hannah Choi, who, over the years, “had eaten together, travelled together and worked together,” to include Anthony Milanesi (who’d donated a cue that he’d made for one of the raffles that helped bring money to the event), Ken Tranh and his wife, Linda, Joonick Jun and of course, the central trio of Tkach, Oh and Fedor Gorst. 

That core group along with Brian Kilgore and Lai Li thanked Anthony Luong and his First Break staff for their hospitality and a portion of the added money, as well as Cuetec Cues. They applauded the efforts of all 64 players who’d made Hannah Choi’s first memorial a memorable occasion. As something of an extended tour-promotion unit, they are already looking forward to the 2nd Annual Hannah Choi Memorial. While it’s a bit too early to determine how that will shape up, there is consideration being given to another Open event, as well as a Women’s tournament.

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World Snooker’s Un-Nooh and Saengkham to Represent Thailand at World Cup Of Pool

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh and Noppon Saengkham

World Snooker duo of Thepchaiya Un-Nooh and Noppon Saengkham will represent Thailand at this week’s 2022 World Cup of Pool at the Brentwood Centre, Essex after Efren Reyes and Carlo Biado of the Philippines were forced to withdraw due to travel issues.

Buy Tickets

Click Here For Draw Bracket


Un-Nooh, a World Snooker Tour ranking winner, and Saengkham, who reached the Last 16 of this year’s World Snooker Championship will play South Africa in the afternoon session on Thursday, 16 June with the Netherland’s match against Morocco moving to become the final action of the afternoon session on Wednesday, 15 June. This also sees Poland’s match with Hong Kong, China, and Greece vs Cyprus move forwards on Wednesday.

Revised Match Schedule 

Tuesday, 14 June – Morning

Tuesday, 14 June – Evening

Wednesday, 15 June – Morning

Wednesday, 15 June – Evening

Thursday, 16 June – Morning

Thursday, 16 June – Evening



Friday 17 June – Round 2 – both sessions

Saturday, 18 June – Quarter-Finals – both sessions

Sunday, 19 June – Semi-Finals – Morning

Sunday, 19 June – Final – Evening

Action gets underway live on Sky Sports Arena at 11 am tomorrow as well as live on DAZN in the USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Viaplay in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Netherlands, and Poland. See the full list of broadcasters here including Matchroom.Live if no broadcaster is available.


Session Times (UK Time)

Morning – 11 am – 3 pm

Evening – 5 pm – 9 pm (except for 19, June 6 pm start)



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Accu-Stats Announces June Premier Schedule

Accu-Stats Video Productions has announced their YouTube premiere schedule for June, and they are premiering matches from the 2022 Derby City Classic and 2015 Derby City Classic. Matches for June feature some of the best players in the world, including Efren Reyes, Shane Van Boening, Joshua Filler, Fedor Gorst, Alex Pagulayan, Jayson Shaw and many more. 

Accu-Stats premieres a new match from their immense archive of New and Historic content three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights at 8pm EST. There is a lively chat during each premiere. Pat Fleming will host most nights in June. Viewers can find the Accu-Stats YouTube channel at

June Premiere Schedule

June 2nd – 2022 Derby City Classic Big Foot Challenge – Max Eberle vs Mika Immonen
June 5th – 2022 Derby City Classic 9-Ball – Darren Appleton vs Corey Deuel
June 7th – 2015 Derby City Classic Straight Pool Challenge – Ruslan Chinakhov vs Jayson Shaw
June 9th – 2022 Derby City Classic Big Foot Challenge – David Alcaide vs Alex Pagulayan
June 12th – 2022 Derby City Classic 9-Ball – Joshua Filler vs Mieszko Fortunski
June 14th – 2015 Derby City Classic One Pocket – Double Header
Alex Pagulayan vs Efren Reyes
Mike Dechaine vs Alex Pagulayan
June 16th – 2022 Derby City Classic Big Foot Challenge – Darren Appleton vs Fedor Gorst
June 19th – 2022 Derby City Classic 9-Ball – Fedor Gorst vs Shane Van Boening
June 21st – 2015 Derby City Classic Big Foot Challenge – Alex Pagulayan vs Shane Van Boening
June 26th – 2022 Derby City Classic 9-Ball – Roland Garcia Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz
June 28th – 2015 Derby City Classic One Pocket – Double Header
Shannon Daulton vs Shane Van Boening
Justin Hall vs Alex Pagulayan
June 30th – 2022 Derby City Classic Big Foot Challenge – Jayson Shaw vs Shane Van Boening

For over 30 years, Accu-Stats has been the leader in Professional Tournament Match Videos. The entire collection is available on DVD at

You can also watch more than 400 Accu-Stats matches from the 2018 and 2019 INTL 9-BALL OPEN; 2016-2022 Derby City Classic; 2015-2017 US Open 9-Ball Championships, as well as the Accu-Stats “Make It Happen” Invitationals via the Accu-Stats’ Vimeo Subscription service:

International Open Website:

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Draw Made For 2022 World Cup of Pool

Germany (Joshua Filler & Thorsten Hohmann) will begin the defence of their World Cup of Pool crown against New Zealand (Matt Edwards & Simon Singleton) whilst hosts Great Britain A have been drawn a huge clash against Great Britain B in their opening encounter at the Brentwood Centre, Essex from June 14-19 live on Sky Sports in the UK and networks worldwide. Tickets are still available from £10 here.

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Click Here For Draw Bracket 


Efren Reyes‘ return for the Philippines with Carlo Biado sees them face off with South Africa (Jason Theron & Kyle Akaloo) with the winner set to face one of the two British sides. The USA’s Shane Van Boening and Skyler Woodward will meet Canada’s Alex Pagulayan and John Morra whilst two-time champions Austria (Albin Ouschan & Max Lechner) start out their bid for a third title against Finland (Mika Immonen & Jani Uski).

The top 16 sides were seeded based on the 2022 Nineball World Rankings with the remaining 16 teams becoming the unseeded players for the draw. Teams were picked based on the below criteria

Format – Winner Break

Round 1 – Race to 7

Round 2 – Race to 7

Quarter/Semi Finals – Race to 9

Final – Race to 11

Session Times (UK Time)

Afternoon – 11 am – 3 pm

Evening – 5 pm – 9 pm (except for 19, June 6 pm start)

Match Schedule 

Tuesday, 14 June – Afternoon

Tuesday, 14 June – Evening


Wednesday, 15 June – Afternoon


Wednesday, 15 June – Evening


Thursday, 16 June – Afternoon


Thursday, 16 June – 1 x Round 1 match / 2 x Round 2 matches

Friday 17 June – Round 2 – both sessions

Saturday, 18 June – Quarter-Finals – both sessions

Sunday, 19 June – Semi-Finals

Sunday, 19 June – Final

The World Cup of Pool will be broadcast live on Sky Sports, DAZN, Viaplay and Matchroom.Live, with further international broadcasters here.

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Efren Reyes To Represent Philippines at 2022 World Cup Of Pool in Essex, England

One of the games’ greatest, Efren “Bata” Reyes will represent the Philippines alongside US Open champion Carlo Biado at the 2022 World Cup of Pool this June 14-19 at the Brentwood Centre, Essex, England with tickets available from £10.


The 2022 World Cup of Pool line-up is now complete with all 32 countries confirmed as they do battle for the lucrative prize pot of $250,000 plus the pride of representing their country in one of the sports most unique format with Germany looking to defend their title led by newly crowned World Pool Masters champion Joshua Filler and BCA Hall of Famer Thorsten Hohmann.

Great Britain’s charge for a first World Cup of Pool crown on home soil will see Great Britain A form a new pairing of two-time Mosconi Cup MVP Jayson Shaw and debutant Elliott Sanderson who was selected based on performances so far this year on the Live Nineball World Rankings. Mosconi Cup winner Imran Majid and 2012 Mosconi Cup MVP Chris Melling will represent the red, white, and blue for Great Britain B.

The USA’s assault on the title will come in the form of Nineball World No.1 and World Champion Shane Van Boening with two-time Mosconi Cup MVP Skyler Woodward whilst Austria, two-time winners of the World Cup of Pool, will see Albin Ouschan partner with Nineball World No. 5 and close friend Max Lechner.

Reyes will compete at the World Cup of Pool for the first time since 2012 when the tournament was hosted in the Philippines. The Magician is a two-time winner of the cup claiming the inaugural title in 2006 with Francisco Bustamante before repeating that result three years later on home turf.

Along with the launch of the Nineball World Rankings, the WPA received x16 allocations for various federations seeing countries make their debut this year including Peru with Christopher Tevez and Gerson Martinez as well as Argentina with Ariel Casto and Sebastian Rodriguez for a strong South American contingent. Chinese Taipei return to the fold after missing out last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will look to replicate its success of 2015 with the Ko Brothers of Pin Yi and Ping Chung pairing up.

The first 16 countries were decided by WPA federations from around the world before eight countries were selected based on the 2022 Nineball World Rankings. The final eight came as wild cards from Matchroom. Players have been selected based on both the 2022 and live 2023 Nineball World Rankings. The final team will be revealed during the final day of the UK Open Pool Championship this May 22 at the Copper Box Arena, London.


WPA FINLAND Mika Immonen Jani Uski
WPA POLAND Mieszko Fortuński Wojciech Szewczyk
WPA SERBIA Andreja Klasović Aleksa Pecelj
WPA CZECH REPUBLIC Roman Hybler Petr Urban
WPA ITALY Daniele Corrieri Francesco Candela
WPA KUWAIT Omar Al Shaheen Bader Al Awadhi
WPA SINGAPORE Aloysius Yapp Toh Lian Han
WPA QATAR Waleed Majid K Alars Ali Nasser Al Obaidli
WPA VIETNAM Duong Quoc Hoang Dang Thanh Kien
WPA ARGENTINA Ariel Casto Sebastian Rodriguez
WPA PERU Gerson Martinez Cristopher Tevez
WPA AUSTRALIA Justin Sajich Ivan Meng Li
WPA SOUTH AFRICA Jason Theron Craig Bouwer
WPA MOROCCO My Cherif Zine El Abidine Imad lagnaoui
WPA CYPRUS Anthony Brabin Christos Meligaliotis.
RANKING USA Shane Van Boening Skyler Woodward
RANKING AUSTRIA Albin Ouschan Max Lechner
RANKING SPAIN David Alcaide Francisco Sanchez Ruiz
RANKING JAPAN Naoyuki Oi Masato Yoshioka
RANKING GREECE Alexander Kazakis Nikos Ekonomopulous
RANKING GERMANY Joshua Filler Thorsten Hohmann
RANKING HUNGARY Oliver Snolnoki Vilmos Földes
WILDCARD NETHERLANDS Niels Feijen Marc Bijsterbosch
WILDCARD CANADA Alex Pagulayan John Morra
WILDCARD SWITZERLAND Dimitri Jungo Ronald Regli
WILDCARD NEW ZEALAND Matthew Edwards Simon Singleton
WILDCARD GREAT BRITAIN A Jayson Shaw Elliott Sanderson
WILDCARD GREAT BRITAIN B Imran Majid Chris Melling

Tickets start from only £10 per session and £15 for an all-day ticket to both the afternoon and evening sessions. Fans can also enjoy the whole week of action for only £85.

The World Cup of Pool brings 32 nations together as two-player teams compete for national pride, the title, and their share of a $250,000 prize fund from June 14 to 19. The tournament is a straight-knockout format leaving no room for error. Germany are the reigning champions with one of the world’s best in Joshua Filler spearheading their defence. The likes of World Number One Albin Ouschan of Austria, the USA’s finest Shane Van Boening, and Great Britain’s two-time Mosconi Cup MVP Jayson Shaw will all look to lead their sides to the title over six action-packed days.


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Ouschan On Top At Predator Cues Premier League Pool

Albin Ouschan (Taka Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)

Albin Ouschan won three matches from three on the opening day of the inaugural Predator Cues Premier League Pool at Stadium MK, Milton Keynes broadcast live on DAZN in the USA and networks worldwide.

Scores and Table

Ouschan returned to Milton Keynes with fond memories of the English venue having sealed his second world title on his last visit in June 2021. The Austrian started out against compatriot Max Lechner where he sealed a quick 5-3 win to get off to the best possible start before further wins over Mieszko Fortunski and Oliver Szolnoki. Ouschan’s crowning moment of the day came in the opener though as he channelled his inner Efren Reyes to nail a Z shot on the three. Head to the Matchroom Pool Twitter to see it in full. 

Fans were treated to a wealth of top-quality matches all day long and David Alcaide set the tone against his compatriot Sanchez Ruiz in the second match of the day with a 5-0 whitewash. Alcaide sits at number three in the 2022 Nineball World Rankings and sits well positioned with two wins from three on day one.

Shane Van Boening started out his Predator Cues Premier League Pool journey against Team USA Mosconi Cup teammate Skyler Woodward and it was the 2021 vice-captain who reigned supreme 5-3. Van Boening taking an opening point with a golden break in the final rack. Van Boening is looking for his first Matchroom individual title since the 2015 World Pool Masters and got revenge over Alexander Kazakis for defeat in the 2021 World Pool Masters final to have two points from two matches.

Two-time Mosconi Cup MVP Jayson Shaw and Joshua Filler are the only two players still unbeaten alongside Van Boening and Ouschan. Shaw got the better of Kelly Fisher 5-1 in the duos opener before dismantling World Pool Championship semi-finalist Szolnoki 5-2. Filler meanwhile had to come through hill-hill finishes against both Omar Al-Shaheen and Eklent Kaçi to bag two of his three points before overcoming Japan’s Naoyuki Oi.

Oi came into Predator Cues Premier League Pool off the back of reaching the semi-finals of the US Open in September. The Japanese cueist downed both Alcaide and Sanchez Ruiz of Spain and Fortunski of Poland who remains without a win.

Fisher got her first win on the board in unlikely circumstances against the recent Derby City Classic 9-Ball Division winner Sanchez Ruiz in a hill hill finish. It looked like it would be Sanchez Ruiz who would claim his first point of the day, but he fouled when trying to kick the three ball. Fisher duly completed a huge win from 4-2 down to take confidence into day two.

Predator Premier League Pool sees 16 players compete in a league format with an increased prize fund of $100,000 guaranteeing each player $2,500 and the winner taking home $20,000. The tournament will get underway at 10 am (UK time) with an all-Austrian clash on Table 1 with World No.1 Albin Ouschan against Max Lechner. Every player will play each other once over the course of the first five days.

Day two gets underway from 10 am UK time with Oi against Shaw on Table 1 and Ouschan against Kazakis on Table 2.


Morning Session 10:00 am (UK Time)

Evening Session 17:00 pm (UK Time)

Matchroom Pool Facebook and YouTube – UK and Ireland

FreeSports (selected evening sessions) and Premier Sports 2 (selected evening sessions) – UK and Ireland

DAZN  – Canada, USA, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Fox Sports – Australia

Nova – Czech Rep & Slovakia

MBC – the Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen

Sky Network – New Zealand

Supersport  – South Africa & Africa

Tap – Philippines

Viaplay – Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

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2022 Derby City Classic One Pocket – Efren Reyes vs Roberto Gomez

The Magician Conjures Up More Magic at Derby City

Efren Reyes (David Thomson – Medium Pool)

Diamond Derby City Classic XXIII, January 21-29, 2022

Caesars Southern Indiana, Elizabeth, IN

David Thomson

LIVE from the Accu-Stats TV Arena


Race to 3.

370 specialists compete in our sport’s most cerebral discipline: Chess with balls.

Reyes vs. Gomez

Fellow Filipinos, Efren Reyes and Roberto Gomez opened the One-Pocket festivities in the Accu-Stats TV Arena.

If you want to experience how Reyes tortures his opponents, this one’s for you.

Known as such a gentle soul off the table, he’s venomous on it.

The first game didn’t take long,

In the second, it seemed that most of the time, Gomez was shooting the same shot.

Efren would promote a ball to his side, then run the cue ball 2, 3, or 4 rails towards Roberto’s pocket.

There it would be buried or tucked neatly under two frozen balls that never moved during the entire game. Even Roberto was amused…for a while. 2-0.

In the closing game, Efren ran 6. He frustrated Roberto some more when pocketing a bank that he thought safe.  

Whitey twirled away to leave sublime position to sink his eighth and final ball. 

Mesmerizing: Efren is known as the “Magician” for good reason.

Woodward vs. Thorpe

Skyler and Billy, friends off the table, foes on it.

Woodward, 2019 DCC All-Around Champion, Thorpe, the 2017 DCC One-Pocket Champion.

Equally competitive, equally talented, equally aggressive, so it’s no wonder that their score was quickly tied at two.

In the decider, Woodward put 5 together, then one more: 6-0. And, unbeaten, he had a buy-back option.

One ball at a time, Billy, with only one life to live, battled back to get to 5. Then tied it up at 6, then ahead 7-6. 

Woodward, squirming a little in his seat, sensed the inevitable. He’d seen Billy exert his power from this position many times.

His pocketing power was so precise, he left position for a short railer that leapt onto the leather at the back of the pocket.

Their sportsmanlike handshake was a little short-lived as Woodward had to run to beat the buy-back booth deadline.

Pagulayan vs. Gabriel

The ultra-experienced Tulsa Oklahoman John Gabriel had Alex Pagulayan 7 to -2.

Pagulayan surprised us all, even Gabriels, with an impressive recovery that stole the opening game. 

Gabriel now inspired, won the second, then the third with a convincing six-ball run.

Alex was now in trouble. Remember, he lost his first life in an encounter with Japan’s Naoyuki Oi.

Within a few strokes of the 4th rack, Alex needed 4 while Gabriel, never afraid to take a scratch, was -4. 

Superb defense allowed Pagulayan to stay alive and force a decider.

Here Gabriel, at the table, pocketed perhaps the most creative shot of the event. 

With balls now spread everywhere…except where John had an opening to his hole, defense prevailed.

No matter what Alex did to protect his position, John had an answer; He would soft roll a 2-railer, happy to proceed one ball at a time, then play safe. 

Finally, Alex left him frozen to the top rail…and John ran 4 and out.

Today, Pagulayan met his match.

Shaw vs. Meglino

Florida’s Anthony Meglino‘s  reputation preceded him as a formidable One-Pocket opponent.

Scotland’s Jayson Shaw, now a Connecticut billiard room owner, is the first to admit that he is still a student of the game.

He relies on his shotmaking, his straight pool pattern play and his indisputable Banking ability.

Three powerful attributes to have while he continues to explore “moving” to win games.

Applying his above strengths against Meglino produced a well-crafted 8-and-out on their opening game.

Game 2 with a similar run and it’s 2-0.

Meglino said two can play that game and skillfully executed his run and it’s 2-1.

Anthony continued with a 4-1 lead in game four.

Then he erred leaving an open rack. Jayson uncharacteristically overran the mark and had to duck.

Anthony showed his shotmaking expertise and soon found the four balls required to force the decider.

Shaw’s aggressive approach may be considered reckless by old school “movers” yet, it soon had him ahead six balls to zero.

The pressure applied to Anthony soon provoked an error.

Jayson was offered a bank that left natural position to pocket his game ball.

Shaw was “moving” to the next round.

Other results of interest include: Mika ousting Efren at 3-2. Sky, after his bout with Billy, got gouged by Gomez; Shane then obliterated Billy 3-0; Fedor fried Chohan at 3-0; Garcia got Filler to visit the buy-back booth; and Grabe, still going strong, gave Lee Vann his first loss.

There are 23 players left as the day’s final round  commences…at midnight.

This is the Derby; not for the  faint of heart.

It’s One-Pocket for most of Thursday on Accu-Stats PPV OnDemand culminating with the Semis and Finals in the evening.


473 will Battle on the Derby’s Most Brutal Battlefield.

As Matchroom has deemed the Derby’s 9-Ball Championship a Mosconi Cup point garnering event. 9-Ball has become this year’s most populated event.

We’re still in the first round so, not much to report.

Tune in tomorrow.

Diamond Derby City Classic ONE-POCKET Championship: Sun Jan. 23 – Wed. Jan. 26. Semis and Finals  in the Accu-Stats TV Arena, Thursday evening, Jan 27.

Diamond Derby City Classic 9-BALL Championship: Wed. Jan 26 – Sat. 29.

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G.O.A.T. Seen Swimming with Sharks

Jayson Shaw (David Thompson – Medium Pool)

Diamond Derby City Classic XXIII, January 21-29, 2022

Caesars Southern Indiana, Elizabeth, IN

David Thomson

Are we glad to be back? You bet your life we are!

Nine days in the world’s greatest tournament as 500+ of the world’s greatest competitors vie for serious prize money – and then some…if you know what I mean: nudge, nudge, wink wink.

And guess who snuck up to surprise us all? Mr. Retirement (yeah, right): The G.O.A.T: Efren Reyes is in the Arena. And competing in the Bank Pool, One Pocket, and 9-Ball disciplines where points are awarded towards becoming Master of the Table; the 5-time title Reyes has captured more than any other mortal.

The Derby’s 4th event, the Diamond Big Foot 10-Ball Challenge gets the balls rolling today.

Here, Jayson Shaw is the man to beat. As a 3-time BIG Foot titlist, compounded by his recent courageous conquests, he is currently without peer.

Last weekend, Jayson shattered the 626 ball Straight Pool record that took years to be masterfully achieved by Mr. John Schmidt.

With true dedication and discipline, Jayson ran 714…after five tireless days of attempts : An extraordinary feat. With his effortless, raw power and unwavering “Eagle Eye,” it’s predicted that he’s not done; he will run a 1000.

But wait, there’s more: The weekend before that in the Turning Stone 9-Ball event, Shaw fought back from 0-5 against the mighty Earl to win 9-8. He was also deep in the hole against the much improved Kuwaiti, Abdullah Al Youssef to overcome in another nerve-racking hill-hill, encounter.

Then, finally, Fedor Gorst had him down 9-3 whom Shaw soon crushed before allowing Fedor only one more game to succeed at 13-10. And, secure his 7th record-breaking title.

More than records may be broken: Spirits, dreams, shafts, No wait; not shafts, most are using carbon fiber.

The Derby City Classic, 9-Day event has 4 components:

DIAMOND BIG FOOT 10-BALL CHALLENGE: Fri. Jan. 21 – Sun. Jan 23. 2022.

Diamond Derby City Classic BANK POOL Championship: Fri. Jan. 21 – Sun. Jan. 23. 2022. Semis and Finals in the Accu-Stats TV Arena: Tuesday evening, Jan 25.

Diamond Derby City Classic ONE-POCKET Championship: Sun Jan. 23 -Wed. Jan. 26. Semis and Finals  in the Accu-Stats TV Arena, Thursday evening, Jan 27.

Diamond Derby City Classic 9-BALL Championship: Wed. Jan 26 – Sat. 29.

And the cream of the mafch-ups available via the Accu-Stats Pay-Per-View OnDemand, 4-camera HD production. Approximately, 60 action-packed hours of pro-pool is projected, PLUS reruns. After each match concludes, it is uploaded and available to you. With PPV OnDemand, you choose when you view, no matter what you’re timezone.

Don’t miss a stroke: Visit Enjoy.

Fedor Gorst vs Francisco Sanchez Ruiz
Darren Appleton vs Roland Garcia
Jayson Shaw vs Omar Al Shaheen
Shane Van Boening vs Lee Van Corteza
John Morra vs Roberto Gomez
Alex Kazakis vs Joshua Filler
Max Eberle vs Mika Immonen
Alex Pagulayan vs David Alcaide

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