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Jeanette Announces Black Widow Junior Camp

Dear Junior Supporters 2014

Jeanette Lee "The Black Widow" is pleased to announce a new summer camp for advanced junior players (ages 14-18).  It will be operated by her non-profit charitable organization, the Black Widow Foundation (more details and application form can be found through  If you know a young player seriously interested in taking their billiards career to the next level – we have got the camp for you!  This inaugural camp will provide junior intermediate and advanced players with an opportunity to learn not only advanced techniques, but also career/life lessons from some of the world's top billiards pros and instructors.

It has been a life-long dream of Jeanette's to give back to her sport by helping young players learn what it takes to succeed and excel in billiards, and in life.  She and her peers have spent their lives developing successful careers in pool; and they want to share their knowledge with the next generation of players.  This camp will set our youth on the path to success, and to attaining the highest standard of play and professionalism in pool.


The professionals listed below share Jeanette’s belief in the importance of this endeavor and have graciously and enthusiastically volunteered to instruct at this and future Black Widow Juniors Camps.  

Johnny Archer        Jeanette Lee    Nick Varner        Vivian Villareal    
George Breedlove        Karen Corr        Mark Wilson    Jerry Briesath

There will also be expert instructors from outside the pool world; in the areas of finance, career planning, nutrition and fitness, self-marketing and promotion.


Date:  Tuesday, July 29 – Thursday, July 31, 2014

Start time:  Noon Tuesday, July 29th  (If you need to arrive Monday night due     to flights into Indianapolis we can arrange an early arrival time to camp)     There would be     an additional
charge to cover their extra lodging, chaperone and meal if necessary.

End time:  3:00pm Thursday, July 31

Location:  Bradford Woods ( IU's outdoor center – a very nice summer camp venue)
5040 State Road 67 North – Martinsville, IN. We will charge an additional $20 total for ground transportation to and from the airport. Someone would meet them at the gate off the airplane and stay with them until they have arrived safely at the camp and get them checked in. On the return, someone would take them to the airport and stay with them until they are on the airplane. The airports allow chaperones to do this with minors with security checks.

Classes:  Sessions will include (but are not limited to) the following

How College Relates to Billiards
Sportsmanship, Etiquette, and Your Role as an Ambassador of the Sport
How to get a sponsor
Self promotion and Marketing
Media Training
Create your own business plan, goal setting.
Career opportunities in the sport of Billiards
Position Play and the Importance of the Tangent Line
English (its not a language)
Precision in Pool
Planning a Training Regimen and Goal Setting
Tournament Match Preparation Strategies
Mental Game in Practice and Competition
Life Stories of the Champions
Physical Training Principles for Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance
Personal Finance(How to balance a checkbook. How to set a budget)
Combinations, Kisses, and Caroms
Break Shots
Ball-in-Hand Strategy
Specialty Shots – Jumps, Masse’s
Aiming Systems
Advanced  Set UpFundamentals
Advanced Stroke Fundamentals
Trick Shots

Cost:  The cost of this unique three day / two night camp is $1,000.00 per camper.    This includes accommodations at camp (boys or girls cabins), meals (3 lunches, 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts) , Class sessions,  24 – hour chaperones and activities and prizes..  We have staff members available to transport junior campers to and from Indianapolis International Airport if they are traveling alone for additional $20 total.

For a true summer camp experience, only the junior players and staff members are permitted to stay at the camp. If parents wish to stay close by, hotel information can be provided.  


We are looking for the top junior players who are looking to get on the fast track to success!

Applicants should be 14-18 years of age (we will consider campers as young as 12 in exceptional cases.)

Applicants should have been playing a minimum of 3 years, and have good grades and good character.  

Applicants must submit 2 references– at least one reference should be from someone in the pool world (league operator, coach, instructor, competitor, pro player, etc.).

Applicants may submit a video (described in Application Form) to help us familiarize the skill level of applicant but it is not mandatory.

Video could include self intro, why they we should select them and anything else interesting about themselves or anything else they'd like us to know. Also, break  9 ball racks, take ball in hand and run out.


– Share this information with everyone you know, post it up on your website or social networks!
– Share your expertise and suggestions with us.
– Send, support, or sponsor a worthy player from your area.
– Donate to the foundation to help cover overall expenses or to give grants to underprivileged families
  who would otherwise not be able to send a good candidate to the camp.
– Have a fundraiser to help an applicant


Jeanette Lee and the Black Widow Team

Reyes Wins One Pocket Title at Derby Day Seven

Efren Reyes

The Derby City Classic One-Pocket Championship.
Horseshoe Southern Indiana
Elizabeth, Indiana.
Sponsored by Diamond SMART TABLE, True Blue Simonis 860 Cloth, and Cyclop Pool Balls.
Old guys rule, at least, Efren stiil does. He went 11 rounds in the world's most punishing arena to show that if you make one mistake, you will pay.
If you leave him a ball, he'll steal at least 6 or, most likely, run out, That's what he did to master one-pocket marksman, Shannon "The Cannon" Daulton, That remarkable win gave Efren his 6th DCC title…at near 60 years old! Undefeated…and, still with the stamina to tame a pack of raging carnivores.
In the packed Accu-Stats' TV arena, Shannon, always the Southern gentleman, stood and applauded respectfully as tournament director Ken Shuman introduced the man who needed no introduction.
"Action," signaled Accu-Stats' Julian Robertson. The TV cameras started rolling.
Shannon ran the first rack like Efren would soon visit the buy-back booth. He was running out the second and missed pocketing a ball while, simultaneously, trying to open the stack.
Efren did what he does. He punished him…and ran out.
The 4th rack was unbelievable. Shannon still in shock, and down 2-1, fouled. He failed to touch a rail, although, he did still leave safe.
Efren tickled the cue ball off the bottom of the stack, it came back to stick on the other side of the rack, protecting 3 previously unleashed balls now sitting around Efren's pocket. Howdeedodat? (Where's the rewind button?)
Shannon, still mesmerized by the magic, tried to recover and left an opening. Efren pocketed 8 and out. He also appropriated $12,000.
Scott Frost, Shannon's opponent in the semi's, really wanted another shot at Efren. He'd beaten him before and knew that he could again, if given the chance.
Just like his best selling DVD, Scott was playing "Power 1-Pocket." His performance, today, included everything from kick combos to two rail, slow-rollers guaranteed to tease if they didn't fall. Yet, it wasn't enough. It took 2 hours of respectful, friendly fire before Shannon prevailed. It's always such a crowd pleaser to watch these two pals compete; They've been doing it for decades.
Previously, Scott had put Bustey to rest at 3-1, and in his first match of the day, young Justin Hall, the 2012 Southern Classic One-Pocket, and Bank Pool winner. Justin is definitely here to stay. One can tell; he revels in action.
Efren, prior in the day, menaced Dennis Orcollo and had reminded the talented and sporty Josh Roberts that the "Old Guard" was in the house and can still rock the rock. 
Shannon knew that Josh was dangerous as he'd won on his Great Southern Billiards Tour.
Josh was last seen taking his winnings to the "Action" room to match up with the road worthy Chris Bartram. (Check the Forums.)
The Filipino Invasion continues: 3 players in the last 7 in One-Pocket, two in the finals in Banks. and there are more to come, including Kiamco, Biado, and Corteza in the 9-Ball.
And, guess who are in contention for the $25,000 Master of the Table purse?
Dennis, Bustey , and, you knew it, Efren.
Efren, like Elvis, had left the building before I'd gotten a chance to ask him why he'd won today. We all know how he would have answered, "I got lucky."
The Derby City Classic 9-Ball Championships
Sponsored by Lucasi Cues.
The Accu-Stats Arena held court to a match that had the crowd's attention: Karen, "The Irish Invader" Corr, against, by the luck of the draw, Efren.
Karen was thrilled to finally get a chance to compete with him, "It's a great honor. I've always admired Efren. It's great to see, up close, his skill. Although today," she laughed, "Maybe, a wee bit too close." She lost 9-2. The audience was super supportive and applauded warmly to Karen's grace in defeat.
Newly inducted Hall of Famer Jeanette Lee can draw an audience, too. Always a magnet wherever she goes,, her table with Nederlander Nick van der Berg was abuzz. Iphones were doing the smart thing as their cameras recorded every move as she pocketed ball after ball. Nick, unfazed, closed out the match at 9-5. The family is still well represented as Jeanette's hubby George Breedlove is competing on Friday.
Speaking of Nederlanders, Alex Lely, a former World Pool Master, is coaching a team of young Dutchmen that is attending the Derby to hone their competitive skills in the real world of American pool–and expenses are paid! (Are you listening America?)
Under Alex's tutelage, Jelle Kijlstra sent 2103 DCC 9-Ball champ Lee Vann Corteza to the buy-back booth. (Alex, still competitive, eliminated 2007 DCC 9-Ball champ Niels Feijen to reach the semi's of the George Fels Memorial straight pool event. More on this later.)
Friday's 9-Ball draw is constantly updated at Click to see when all your favorite players are competing.
2104 George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge: High runs, Wednesday, 29th.
Sponsored by Aramith Balls and Simonis Cloth.
We are now down to the last 4 competitors as:
Huidji See d. Ralf Souquet.
Alex Lely d. Niels Feijen
Konstantin Stepanov d. Darren Appleton
Jayson Shaw and Dennis Orcollo were still in action at press time.
Visit for Friday's upcoming matches.
Good news: Accu-Stats will capture the 14.1 action starting at NOON, Friday 31.
And, of course, 9-Ball.
visit for more info.

British Trio Of Appleton, Boyes and Melling Barge Into Guinness Top 16

Darren Appleton

July 14, 2012 Indonesia: The British invasion continues in Day two of the 2012 Guinness World Series of Pool: Speed Challenge at the Ciputra World Mall in Surabaya, Indonesia as the newly crowned World 9ball Champion Darren Appleton, 2010 World 8ball Champion Karl Boyes and 2011 China Open Champion Chris Melling trumped their round of 32 opponents to emerge unscathed and march onwards to the top 16.
As with all great champions, Appleton, who earlier could not find his rhythm in the preliminary rounds was able to recompose himself and shake the cobwebs in time for his huge head-to-head matchup with 2007 WPA 9ball championships finalist from the Philippines, Roberto Gomez.
Although he trailed early with his opening rack time of 1:12 mins versus Gomez’ 49 seconds, a consistent stroke kept Appleton within striking distance all throughout the five-rack knockout contest. In the third, with pressure mounting, it was the Filipino who blinked first, notching two consecutive missed ball errors on the black 8ball and the 2ball for a costly 20-second penalty to have the clock show times of 3:05 versus 2:43 in favor of the Englishman. From there, Appleton never looked back, arriving first at the finish line with 4:44 mins to his name while the Filipino’s best efforts only giving him a time of 5:03 mins.       
Other preliminary round top performers Chris Melling and Karl Boyes continued their relentless romp through the competition and remain the favorites to reach the finals. Boyes, who ranked first after the qualifying rounds, took care of business in his encounter with local veteran Rudy Susanto with an impressive five-rack total of 4:25 mins.
His compatriot Melling also cruised to victory in his pairing with another local Muhammad Junarto. Another flawless effort complimented with multiple errors from his Indonesian counterpart gave Melling probably the easiest route towards the top 16. In fact, he did not even need five racks to prove himself worthy as the Indonesian conceded midway through the third rack.
Tomorrow’s action pits the British contingent against tougher competition with Appleton facing USA’s top shooter Shane Van Boening, Boyes with Indonesian player Ferdi and Melling taking on American George Breedlove.  
Please refer to the complete list for the top 16 head-to-head matchups:
Thorsten Hohmann (GER) vs Irsal Nasution (INA)
Ricky Yang (INA) vs Jeffrey De Luna (PHI)
Mika Immonen (FIN) vs Muhammad Andre (INA)
Dennis Orcollo (PHI) vs Adolof Leunupun (INA)
Iwan Saga (INA) vs Cherry Suliawan (INA)
Darren Appleton (GBR) vs Shane Van Boening (USA)
Chris Melling (GBR) vs George Breedlove (USA)
Karl Boyes (GBR) vs Ferdi (INA)
The first round of the GWSOP: Speed Pool challenge sees the 40 players battling the clock as they play two sessions of five racks each with the top 32 times advancing to the next round. From there it will be a single knockout format all the way to the semifinals with each match having the players face-off in five racks, whoever has the total best-time wins. The finals will be a 7- rack shootout to determine the championship.
The broadcast of the 2012 Guinness World Series of Pool – SpeedBall challenge will be LIVE on ESPN and STAR Sports (Please check local listings), with fifteen hours of exhilarating competition from July 13 – 15, 2012. Broadcast times are as follows:
Sun, July 15, 2012                     from 12.00 – 16.30 (HKT)                       Top 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals & Finals
The 2012 Guinness World Series of Pool – Speed Pool Tournament is sanctioned by the Asian Pocket Billiard Union (APBU) and organized by ESPN STAR Sports’ Event Management Group (EMG). Guinness is the title sponsor for the Event. Fisherman’s Friend is the official sponsor.  The local sanctioning body is the All Indonesian Billiards Association (POBSI). Iwan Simonis and Aramith supply the official tablecloth and official pool balls respectively. Murrey provides the official pool table while Predator is the official cue. ESPN is the official broadcaster. 
Please visit for more information.