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Testa comes from the loss side to down Shea in finals of Stop #2 on the JPNEWT

L to R: Erica Testa, Kia Sidbury, Judie Wilson, Nicole King, Chari Slater, Linda Shea

While it’s still a little early to be talking about tour rankings, and who might or might not advance to be the J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s Tour champion at the conclusion of its season in November, the tour’s second stop, held on the weekend of April 28-29, did result in a bit of shuffling at the top of those rankings. Erica Testa, who entered Stop #2 in second place behind Kia Sidbury in the single-event rankings, came from the loss side to down Linda Shea in the finals. Testa moved ahead of Sidbury into first place. In the absence of Heather Platter, who was ranked second, Sidbury, who finished in the tie for 5th place, moved into the second spot. Shea’s runner-up finish moved her from 5th to 3rd, while Judie Wilson’s third-place finish kept her in the #4 spot in the rankings. The event drew 18 entrants to Markley Billiards in Norristown, PA.
After an opening round bye, Testa downed Chari Slater and Anita Sowers to draw Shea in one of the winners’ side semifinals. Wilson, in the meantime (also after a bye) defeated Suzanne Sellet and Melissa Jenkins to meet Sidbury in the other winners’ side semifinal. The four women in those two matches were four of the early-tour’s six best players (Heather Platter and Cheryl Sporleder did not compete in this event). Shea sent Testa to the loss side 7-4, as Wilson was working on a double hill win over Sidbury. Shea claimed the hot seat (her first of the early season) 7-1 over Wilson and waited on the return of Testa.
Over on the loss side, Testa drew a re-match against Slater, who’d defeated Tina Marinelli, Sharon O’Hanlon (double hill) and Melissa Jenkins 7-4 to earn that re-match. Sidbury picked up Nicole King, who’d originally been defeated by Shea, and gotten by Elaine Wilson 7-3 and Nicole Nester 7-2 on the loss side.
Advancement to the quarterfinals was hotly contested with both matches going double hill. When the double hill dust settled, King and Testa had advanced. Testa eliminated King 7-5 in those quarterfinals, and then, spoiled Judie Wilson’s bid for a re-match against Shea (and movement up the rankings ladder) with a 7-3 win in the semifinals.
It was an ‘extended race to 9’ final. Coming from the loss side, Testa had to beat Shea to seven racks, to extend the race to 9. She did so and added two more for a 9-6 win that gave her the event title and sole possession of first place in the tour rankings.
In addition to the Open event, on Sunday, the tour added its second Amateur event, open to players with skill levels at “4” or below. That event was won by Shelah Joner, who, in addition to $40 in cash, was awarded a paid entry into the next JPNEWT event. That event, scheduled for the weekend of May 19-20, will be hosted by First Break Café and Billiards in Sterling, VA.

Sidbury comes back from semifinals to down Testa and win JPNEWT season opener

(l to r): Erica Testa, Linda Shea, Judie Wilson, Kia Sidbury, Cheryl Sporleder & Heather Platter

Kia Sidbury claimed the J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s Tour’s season opener on the weekend of March 3-4 by coming back from a hot seat loss to down hot seat occupant, Erica Testa in the finals. Sidbury, who finished sixth overall in the tour’s 2017 standings, claimed the event title, and for the time being, top spot on the 2018 rankings. The $500-added (by Coins of the Realm) event drew 20 entrants to Triples Nines Bar & Billiards in Elkridge, MD.
Sidbury faced Testa twice, winning the all-important second matchup, in the finals, but she also had to get by Heather Platter twice; once in a winners’ side semifinal, and again, in the event semifinals. Following victories over Elaine Wilson and Kathy Friend, Sidbury came out on top in two straight double hill matches, against Tour Director Linda Shea in a winners’ side quarterfinal and Platter in the winners’ side semifinal, which put her (Sidbury) in the hot seat match. Testa’s path to the hot seat match went through Nicole Fleming, Lynn Richards (who would go on to win a concurrently-run, 9-entrant Amateur event), Gwen Townsend, and in the other winners’ side semifinal, Judie Wilson 7-2. Testa claimed the hot seat 7-5 over Sidbury and waited on her return from a re-match versus Platter in the semifinals.
On the loss side, Platter and Wilson met up with Cheryl Sporleder and Shea, respectively. Sporleder had eliminated Gwen Townsend, double hill, and Teri Thomas 7-2 to reach Sporleder. Shea got by Sharon O’Hanlon and Kim Whitman, both 7-4 to draw Wilson. Platter and Wilson advanced to the quarterfinals; Platter, 7-5 over Sporleder and Wilson, 7-2 over Shea.
Platter and Wilson locked up in a quarterfinal, double hill fight, that eventually sent Platter to a rematch against Sidbury in the semifinals. That semifinal match came within a game of going double hill, but in the end, Sidbury pulled ahead to win it by two 7-5.
In what was, essentially, an early season, first-stop battle for first place on the tour, Sidbury and Testa fought for a second time, looking to claim the event title. Sidbury got out in front, and stayed there, winning it 9-3 for her first tour win. 
A concurrently-run Amateur event drew nine entrants and was won by Lynn Richards. The next stop on the J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s Tour, scheduled for April 28-29, will be hosted by Markley Billiards in Norristown, PA.

Miller blanks Shea twice to win JPNEWT season finale

(l to r): Jackie Rivera, Judie Wilson, Briana Miller, Sharon O’Hanlon, Kathy Friend & Linda Shea

In a circumstance about as rare as a teenager that doesn’t play video games, Linda Shea, tour director of the J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s Tour (JPNEWT) was shut out twice, in the hot seat and finals of her tour’s season finale. Briana Miller was the culprit. She went undefeated through a field of 17, on-hand for the $1,250-added ($500 from Coins of the Realm) event, hosted by Triple Nines Bar & Billiards in Elkridge, MD on the weekend of November 18-19.
Miller’s five-match trek to the event victory saw her win 35 of her 44 games. She gave up a single rack to Tina Marinelli in her opening round of play, and four to Carol V. Clark, which set her (Miller) up to face Judie Wilson in one of the winners’ side semfinals. Shea, in the meantime, who would finish with a 21-24 game record, got by Terri Stovall and Heather Platter, both 7-3, to draw Sharon O’Hanlon in the other winners’ side semifinal.
Miller sent Wilson to the loss side, as Shea was downing Hanlon, both 7-4. Miller chalked up the first of her two straight shutouts over Shea to claim the hot seat, and waited for Shea to get back from the semifinals.
On the loss side, Wilson and O’Hanlon drew two competitors in the middle of a three-match, loss-side winning streak. Wilson picked up Kathy Friend, who’d defeated Kia Sidbury 7-3, Melissa Jenkins 7-1 and Heather Platter 7-3. O’Hanlon drew Jackie Rivera, who’d gotten by Elaine Wilson 7-3, Eugenia Gyftopoulos 7-4 and Nicole King 7-2.
Friend and Rivera made it four in a row with identical 7-5 wins over Wilson and O’Hanlon, respectively. In the quarterfinals that followed, Rivera made it five loss-side wins in a row, defeating Friend 7-3.
Shea ended Rivera’s run with a 7-5 win in the semifinals. Miller claimed the season finale event title with her second shutout over Shea.
The win moved Miller up into third place (from eighth) in the tour’s season-end rankings, behind Shea, and Elaine Wilson, who, by virtue of her finish in the tie for 13th place, stayed just five points ahead of Miller in the final standings. Miller had competed in only three events this season, winning two of them and finishing as the runner-up (to Karen Corr) in the third. Rounding out the tour’s top-ten-ranked players were in order, from fourth place – Carol V. Clark, Nicole King, Kia Sidbury, Jenn Keeney, Jia Li, Sharon O’Hanlon and Judie Wilson.

Corr returns to the JPNEWT and comes from the loss side to win Stop #4

Karen Corr

After a bit of a hiatus from competing on the J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour, Karen Corr, whose last win on the tour came almost exactly a year ago, returned on the weekend of June 24-25. After being sent to the loss side by Briana Miller, Corr came back to meet and defeat her in the finals to claim her first 2017 JPNEWT title. The $500-added (from Coins of the Realm) event, the fourth stop on the tour, drew 29 entrants to Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD.
Miller, looking to go back-to-back after her tour win in May, faced Corr in this event's third round. They battled to double hill, before Miller prevailed and advanced to a winners' side semifinal against Eugenia Gyftopoulos. Tina Malm, in the meantime, squared off against Nicole King (runner-up to Miller in May). Miller advanced to the hot seat over Gyftopoulos, and faced Malm, who'd defeated King, both by a score of 7-5. Miller sent Malm to the semifinals 7-2 and sat in the hot seat, listening to the approaching 'footsteps' of Corr.
Corr opened her loss-side campaign with a victory over Elaine Wilson, and followed that with a 7-5 win over Gwen Townsend, to face King. Gyftopoulos drew Heather Platter, who'd eliminated Carol V. Clark and Kassandra Bein, both 7-4, to reach her. Corr downed King 7-3, and in the quarterfinals, faced Gyftopoulos, who'd defeated Platter 7-4.
Corr shut Gyftopoulos out in the quarterfinals, and then defeated Malm 7-2 for a second shot against Miller. Corr captured her first JPNEWT title of 2017 with a 9-4 victory over Miller in the finals.
This event was a qualifier for a 2017 NAPT Division 1 Pro event of the qualifying player's choice. With Corr, Miller and Malm already qualified, the spot went to fourth place finisher Eugenia Gyftopoulos.

Lynch goes undefeated on JPNEWT, moves into second place on tour rankings

Meredith Lynch moved up into second place in the J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour rankings on the weekend of October 1-2, with an undefeated win on the tour's 10th stop. The $1,000-added event ($500 from Coins of the Realm), which was in scheduling competition with Vivian Villareal's Tornado Open in Florida, drew a short field of 15 to First Break Cafe in Sterling, VA.
Lynch's five-match march to the winners' circle went through Tina Malm, twice. Following victories over Nicole Fleming and Terri Stovall, Lynch moved into a winners' side semifinal against Kathy Friend. Malm, in the meantime, having been the single recipient of a bye in the 16-player bracket, defeated Heather Platter and in the other winners' side semifinal, faced Elaine Wilson
Lynch and Malm moved into the hot seat match with identical 9-7 scores over Friend and Wilson. Lynch claimed the hot seat 9-6 over Malm, and waited on her return.
On the loss side, Elaine Wilson drew Judie Wilson, who'd been sent to the loss side in the opening round by Malm, and following a bye, defeated Stovall 7-3 and the tour's #1-ranked player, Linda Shea 7-2. Friend picked up Nicole King, who'd been defeated by Stovall in the opening round, and on the loss side, got by Nicole Fleming 7-2, Heather Platter, double hill, and Sharon O'Hanlon 7-5.
Elaine Wilson eliminated Judie Wilson 7-3, as Friend was downing King 7-3. Friend dominated the quarterfinal versus Elaine Wilson 7-1, but had her short, two-match winning streak on the loss side ended by Malm in the semifinals 7-4.
Malm got a little closer in the finals, than she had in the hot seat match, chalking up an extra game. Lynch, though, chalked up the win 9-7 to claim the event title.

Jia Li takes a long, loss-side trip to win her second stop on the JPNEWT

Jia Li

On the weekend of September 17-18, at the ninth stop on the J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour, Jia Li lost her opening match and embarked on a seven-match, loss-side run that put her in the finals against the tour's #1-ranked player; its tour director, Linda Shea. Li defeated Shea twice to claim the event title and chalk up her second victory on the tour. The $1,000-added event ($500 from Coins of the Realm) drew 22 entrants to the Top Hat Cue Club in Parkville, MD.
It was Kim Whitman, who came into the tournament with only three tour stops to her credit and ranked at #17 on the tour, who downed Jia Li in the opening round 7-5. Whitman would advance to a winners' side semifinal against Shea, while Sharon O'Hanlon and Tina Malm would face off in the other one. Shea and Whitman battled to double hill before Shea advanced to the hot seat match. She was met by Malm, who'd allowed O'Hanlon only a single rack. Shea claimed the hot seat 7-4 over Malm and waited for Li to finish her loss-side run.
On the loss side, Whitman drew Jenn Keeney, who, like Li, had lost in the opening round (to Kathy Friend), and was in the midst of a four-match, loss-side streak that was about to end. She'd shut out Karen Myers and eliminated Judie Wilson 7-2 to reach Whitman. O'Hanlon picked up Li, four matches into her loss-side streak, the most recent of which had eliminated Tina Marinelli 7-1 and Heather Platter 7-4.
Whitman squeaked by Keeney, double hill, and in the quarterfinals, matched up against Li, who'd downed O'Hanlon 7-2. Li won the re-match against Whitman and the semifinals versus Malm by the same 7-2 score and moved into the double elimination final against Shea.
She took the opening set 9-5. She won the second set by the same score to claim the event title.
In so doing, Li climbed a few rungs on the tour ladder, ending up in fifth place behind Shea, Karen Corr, Kia Sidbury (who finished in the tie for 13th) and Sharon O'Hanlon (5th). The next stop on the JPNEWT, scheduled for the weekend of October 1-2, will be a $1,000-added event, hosted by First Break Cafe in Sterling, VA.

Corr goes undefeated, again, to capture her second 2016 JPNEWT title

Karen Corr

One week after winning the inaugural North American Pool Tour Women's 10-Ball Invitational in Herndon, VA, Karen Corr returned to her 'day job' as the perennial victor on the J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour. She joined 22 entrants in a $1,000-added ($500 from Coins of the Realm) event, hosted by Triple Nines in Elkridge, MD, and went undefeated through the field to chalk up her second 2016 JPNEWT title. 
Corr was challenged twice by Sueyen Rhee, who finished in the tie for fifth at the NAPT 10-Ball Invitational. They met first in this event's third winners' side round, with Corr entering the match having given up only two racks in her first two rounds; none to Dina DiGregorio, and two versus Judie Wilson. Rhee chalked up three against her, but Corr advanced to a winners' side semifinal against Linda Shea, while Kia Sidbury faced Sharon O'Hanlon. 
Corr downed Shea 7-5, and in the hot seat match, faced Sidury, who'd survived a double hill battle versus O'Hanlon. Corr gave up only a single rack to Sidbury and claimed the hot seat.
On the loss side, O'Hanlon ran into Rhee, who, following her initial defeat at the hands of Corr, had defeated Heather Platter, double hill, and Melissa Jenkins 7-2. Shea drew Meredith Lynch, who'd eliminated two Nicoles; King 7-4, and Fleming, double hill. Shea and Rhee advanced to the quarterfinals, both 7-2, over Lynch and O'Hanlon.
Rhee took the quarterfinal match versus Shea 7-4 (assuring Shea her maintenance of the tour's top ranking) and then, by the same score, denied Sidbury a re-match against Corr. The finals were something of a replay of Corr and Rhee's winners' side quarterfinal match. Corr defeated Rhee a second time 7-3 to claim her second 2016 JPNEWT title.

Shea comes back from semifinals to defeat Whitman in JPNEWT Season Opener

Linda Shea continues to be a force to reckon with on her own J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour, which opened its 2016 season on the weekend of March 19-20. She advanced to the hot seat match in the $1,000-added ($500 from Coins of the Realm) event which drew 29 entrants to Triple Nines Bar & Billiards in Elkridge, MD, and was sent to the semifinals by Kim Whitman. She returned from those semifinals to defeat Whitman in an extended race-to-9 final, chalking up her first 2016 tour win.
Following victories over Teri Thomas, Nicole King, and Colleen Shoop, Shea advanced to a winners' side semifinal versus Nicole Nester. Whitman, in the meantime, who'd survived a double hill opening round battle against Delia Mocanu, went on to defeat Sharon O'Hanlon, and Kia Sidbury to end up in the other winners' side semifinal against Nicole Monaco. Shea and Whitman got into the hot seat match with identical 7-4 victories over Nicoles Nester and Monaco. Whitman claimed the hot seat 7-3 over Shea and waited on her return.
On the loss side, Monaco had the misfortune of running into Erica Testa, who'd been defeated in the event's opening round by Judie Wilson and was in the midst of a six-match, loss-side winning streak that would propel her into the semifinals versus Shea. She downed Kristina Douglas, O'Hanlon, Shoop and Heather Platter to draw Monaco. Nester didn't fare much better in the 'draw' department, picking up Mocanu, who was also defeated in the event's opening round by Whitman, and was on her own five-match, loss-side streak that began with two straight double hill wins (over Sierra Reams and Carol V. Clark). She went on to defeat Judie Wilson 7-3, Britanya Rapp 7-1, and survived her third, loss-side double hill match (vs. Kia Sidbury) to pick up Nester.
Nester ended Mocanu's streak 7-3, and in the quarterfinals, faced Testa, whose streak continued with a double hill win over Monaco. Testa was gaining momentum. She allowed Nester only a single rack in those quarterfinals, and advanced to meet Shea. Testa put up a fight in those semifinals, but Shea prevailed 7-5 for a second shot at Whitman in the hot seat.
They played an extended race-to-9, in which, if the loss-side opponent reaches "7" first, the race is extended to 9 games. Shea hit that "7" spot first, went on to win 9-7 and claimed the season opening title.
As representative of the JPNEWT, Shea extended thanks to the ownership and staff at Triple Nines for their hospitality. The next stop on the JPNEWT, scheduled for the weekend of April 30-May 1, will be hosted by Markley Billiards in Norristown, PA.

Collegiate 9-ball Champions Crowned at Indiana University

Michelle Yim (Photo courtesy of Lissette Chaparro)

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — The Association of College Unions International (ACUI) presented the 72nd collegiate pocket billiards national championship at Indiana University’s IMU Back Alley on June 29-July 1, 2012.  ACUI is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to enhancing campus life.  With 41 men and 23 women registered for 9-ball, 2012 was the largest field in the 75-year history of the ACUI Pocket Billiards program.

Delia Mocanu (Northeastern University) forged through the winners’ side of the Women’s division like a tiny freight train, winning decisive matches over Angelica Rudow (University of Arizona, 7-0), Melissa Chesky (University of Minnesota-Duluth, 7-3), Heather Platter (University of Florida, 7-2), and Cindy Ho (California State University-Sacramento, 7-5).  She sat comfortably in the hot seat while Michelle Yim (University of Houston) handily defeated Jackie Sanchez (Barry University, 7-0), Morgan Bowles (University of North Carolina-Charlotte, 7-2), Miranda Blazek (Northern Wyoming Community College District, 7-2) before falling to Cindy Ho in the winners’ side semi-finals, 7-4.  Yim then bested Jennifer Acierto (Virginia Commonwealth University, 7-5), Platter (7-5), and Ho (7-3) on the One-loss side to face Mocanu in the Sunday morning finals.  In the first set, it seemed that Mocanu couldn’t catch a gear, falling to Yim 7-2.  The second set, however, was extremely close, coming down to the final two balls.  Yim jumped out to a 4-2 lead, but eventually Mocanu tied it hill-hill.  In the last game, Mocanu narrowly missed the 7-ball to leave Yim a simple 2-ball run-out for the victory.  

On the Men’s side, newcomer Matt Shilinski (University of Maryland-University College) was quiet but confident and steady as he took the hot seat with victories over Mark Muir (University of Illinois, 8-0), Brian Myung (Indiana University, 8-3), George Mansour (University of Akron, 8-3), Mack Harrell (East Carolina University, 8-6), Lee Nathanson (University of Maryland, 8-7), and Bo Jin (Purdue University, 8-6).  Three-time ACUI nationals contestant Charles Barker (Weber State University), meanwhile, won his first three matches with victories over Cody Terry (University of North Carolina-Charlotte, 8-3), Thomas Smith (James Madison University, 8-3), and defending champion Raymond Linares (Miami Dade College-Kendall Campus, 8-6) before falling to Bo Jin (Purdue University, 5-8).  On the one-loss side, Barker topped Harrell (8-3), Stephen Skvarka (Virginia Tech, 8-7), and Jin (8-3) to advance to the finals.  The true double-elimination playoff match was a suspenseful, neck-and-neck race from start to finish.  Shilinski came out on top, 8-7, to take the 2012 title in a single set.

The winners of this year’s Sportsmanship awards were:

Jennifer Acierto, Virginia Commonwealth University
Brian Myung, Indiana University

And finally, the 2012 winners of the annual break contest were:

Will Hill, East Texas Baptist University (21)
Amanda Neal, Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana (15)

Top 8 complete standings (scholarship money is awarded to the top 4):

Women’s Division:
1 Michelle Yim, University of Houston
2 Delia Mocanu, Northeastern University
3 Cindy Ho, California State University – Sacramento
4 Heather Platter, University of Florida
5/6 Jennifer Acierto, Virginia Commonwealth University
5/6 Angelica Rudow, University of Arizona
7/8 Giovanni Aviles, University of Illinois – Chicago
7/8 Amanda Neal, Ivy Tech Community College – Central Indiana
Men’s Division:
1 Matt Shilinski, University of Maryland – University College
2 Charles Barker, Weber State University
3 Bo Jin, Purdue University
4 Stephen Skvarka, Virginia Tech
5/6 Lee Nathanson, University of Maryland
5/6 Mackenzie “Mack” Harrell, East Carolina University
7/8 Raymond Linares, Miami Dade College – Kendall Campus
7/8 Ryan Kuhlmann, University of Minnesota – Duluth

For additional information about the ACUI 9-ball Championships, visit or the Facebook groups “ACUI 9-ball” and “2012 ACUI 9-ball Championships.”

ACUI Collegiate 9-Ball Championship Underway

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Dozens of collegiate billiards and table tennis players from across the country are at Indiana University this weekend, when the Bloomington campus hosts the ACUI’s first combined Collegiate 9-Ball and Table Tennis Championships. These events are sponsored by the Association of College Unions International, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to enhancing campus life.

The Indiana Memorial Union will host the 9-Ball championship games in the Back Alley, while the table tennis competition will take place at University Gym. With 40 men and 23 women registered for the tournament, this year marks the largest field in the nearly 80-year history of the ACUI Billiards Program.  

 “It’s an honor to be able to host the national championships for collegiate billiards and table tennis, and we welcome these athletes to the university,” IU assistant coordinator of games John Bower said. “These events can be a great way to learn more about the sport, or to watch a talented player performing at the top of their game.” 

To prepare to host the championships, the IMU purchased new billiard balls and recovered its 10 pool tables with a high-grade Simonis 860 fabric — in tournament blue, as opposed to its usual green felt. 

Players representing more than 50 colleges and universities — ranging from University of Hawaii to the New Jersey Institute of Technology — will battle for the national title in a three-day competition. All players qualified at one of a dozen regional competitions to attend the event.

“These tournaments are a great display of student learning and community building,” said Marsha Herman-Betzen, executive director of the Bloomington-based ACUI. “Both of these are at our core as an organization and we are proud to continue this tradition as the sport grows and thrilled to host here in our home town.”
Competition games are open to the public, and free of charge. However, there is limited public seating space at the IMU for the billiards games. For additional information, visit

Competition is underway as of 4:30PM Friday, June 29.  

The men’s chart, with 40 players, from top to bottom, is as follows:
Dillon Scheive, California State University-Sacramento vs. Lee Nathanson, University of Maryland
Jason Hoag, Purdue University vs. Greg Marinelli, College of William and Mary (winner advances to play Will Stem, University of Maryland)
Corbin Coe, Appalachian State University vs. Will Hill, East Texas Baptist University
Corey Sykes, Virginia Tech vs. Eric Miranda, New Jersey Institute of Technology (Winner advances to play Jordan Baker, University of Texas-Tyler)
Jonathan Beehary, Nassau Community College vs. Nate Sweitzer, West Virginia University
Stephen Skvarka, Virginia Tech vs. Mack Harrell, East Carolina University (winner advances to play Jason Burns, The Ohio State University)
Brian Myung, Indiana University vs. Matt Shilinski, University of Maryland-University College
Eric McClure, University of Illinois-Chicago vs. James Gomes, DeVry University (winner advances to play George Mansour, University of Akron)
Wenjie Wu, Purdue University vs. Cody Broadway, University of Texas-Tyler
Yu-han Yang, University of Maryland College Park vs. Bo Jin, Purdue University (winner advances to play Ryan Baez, Radford University)
Jose Galvez, Florida International University vs. Anthony Sato, University of Hawaii-Manoa
Jamyang Tamashi, Macalester College vs. Ryan Kuhlmann, University of Minnesota-Duluth (winner advances to play Scott Maloney, University of Wyoming)
Chad Roahrig, Indiana University vs. Raymond Linares, Miami Dade College-Kendall Campus
Steve Holbrook, Ivy Tech Community College vs. Curtis Sawdon, University of Michigan (winner advances to play Juan Sanchez, University of Texas-Pan American)
Josh Keys, Virginia Tech vs. Thomas Smith, James Madison University
DavidVuong, University of Maryland-College Park vs. Cody Terry, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Winner advances to play Charles Barker, Weber State University

The women’s chart of 20 players, from top to bottom, is as follows:
Delia Mocanu, Northeastern University vs. Angelica Rudow, University of Arizona
Jessica Jahn, Spokane Falls Community College vs. Jennifer McCandless, Radford University (winner advances to play Melissa Chesky, University of Minnesota-Duluth)
Giovanni Aviles, University of Illinois-Chicago vs. Amanda Neal, Indiana University
Tam Do, Illinois Institute of Technology vs. Angie Braeutiam, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville (winner advances to play Heather Platter, University of Florida)
Brittany Breedlove, University of Akron vs. Kayla Randall, California University of Pennsylvania
Sam Tsang, University of Maryland-Baltimore County vs. Cindy Ho, California State University-Sacramento (winner advances to play Jennifer Acierto, Virginia Commonwealth University
Miranda Blazek, Northern Wyoming CC District vs. Elizabeth Haas, University of Akron
Michelle Yim, University of Houston vs. Jackie Sanchez, Barry University (winner advances to play Morgan Bowles, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Raymond Linares and Delia Mocanu were the 2011 winners and are both present to defend their title.  Competition continues through Sunday afternoon.  Match results will be posted on the Facebook group “ACUI 9-ball.”